Re: [Suggestion] PowerPC: kernel: cross compiling issue with allmodconfig

From: Chen Gang F T
Date: Fri Mar 22 2013 - 22:52:01 EST

On 2013å03æ23æ 03:17, Yoder Stuart-B08248 wrote:
> allmodconfig is creating config combinations that don't
> happen in a normal build (at least currently)-- 64-bit build
> that enables EPAPR_PARAVIRT but not PPC_BOOK3E_64.

if it should not happen.
can we add dependency to let it will never happen in any config combinations ?
let allmodconfig can not create this config combinamtions:
"64-bit build that enables EPAPR_PARAVIRT but not PPC_BOOK3E_64".


Chen Gang

Flying Transformer
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