Re: [PATCH v2 0/8] watchdog: w83627hf: Convert to watchdog infrastructure

From: Wim Van Sebroeck
Date: Fri Mar 22 2013 - 16:53:07 EST

Hi Guenter,

> Convert to watchdog infrastructure, cleanup, add support for additional
> chips, and merge with W83697HF and W83697UG watchdog drivers.
> Tested with W83627UHG, NCT6775, NCT6776. Additional test feedback
> for other chips would be appreciated.
> Original idea was to prepare the driver for use as a client to an MFD driver,
> but I found that requesting memory with request_muxed_region works just as well
> and has less impact. v2 includes the knowledge gained from converting the
> driver to an MFD client driver, but without the actual conversion.
> v2: Tested with W83627UHG
> Retain timeout module parameter; use watchdog_init_timeout to set it
> Eliminate some cosmetic changes
> Drop spinlock.h include
> Keep "initialized" message
> Don't try to configure WDTO for W83627UHG and W83627EHF
> Don't report the nowayout option with the 'initializing' message
> Use request_muxed_region to reserve memory range only while needed
> Add support for W83627S, W83627DHG-P, W83667HG, and NCT6779

In 2011 I started something similar but then with the MFD approach in mind.
Goal was also to clean-up the w836* watchdog drivers and get a clean driver that
supports all Winbond super-I/O based watchdog drivers.

I dug op the development code again. I'll post it in a next e-mail so that we can
see what the best way forward is. Note: I took the MFD approach because:
1) all superio shares the similar functions for using the Super-I/O registers.
2) Goal is to have low-level driver that support the specific super-I/O chipsets
and that does the platform stuff for hwmon, watchdog, gpio, ...

Kind regards,

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