Re: FW: Regulator API ignored return values

From: Arnd Bergmann
Date: Fri Mar 22 2013 - 13:06:44 EST

On Friday 22 March 2013, Chris Ball wrote:
> >
> > The reason I didn't make it a fatal error is that this is just vqmmc
> > (responsible for moving from 3.3V to 1.8V for UHS modes), not the
> > main vmmc regulator. We can just disable those UHS modes from the
> > capabilities on the host if vqmmc is missing, or failed to enable,
> > or doesn't support those voltages, and that's what the code does now.
> I've pushed this patch to mmc-next for 3.10 now, let me know if you
> disagree.

No, it's fine. Sorry for not replying earlier.

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