Upstart 1.8 released

From: James Hunt
Date: Fri Mar 22 2013 - 10:58:59 EST

Hot on the heels of v1.7, this new release adds two interesting new features:

- upstart-file-bridge: a new bridge that allows jobs to react to file


# Event emitted when file is created, modified or deleted
start on file FILE=/run/

# Event emitted when file is created (only)
start on file FILE=/run/ EVENT=created

# Event emitted when files within a directory are created,
# modified or deleted.
start on file FILE=/var/log/

# Event emitted when files that match a glob pattern are
# created in the indicated directory.
start on file FILE=/var/crash/*.crash EVENT=created

See upstart-file-bridge(8) and file-event(7) for further details.

- upstart-monitor: a very simple tool (*) that can run in either CLI or
GUI mode either connected to PID 1 or a Session Init (as root or
non-root) that allows users and admins to see event flows.

See upstart-monitor(8) for further details (and [1] for obligatory screenshot).

Thanks to all involved!

Download Upstart 1.8 from launchpad:

Kind regards,


(*) - If you are interested in contributing to Upstart, we'd love to hear from
you. Now is a great time to get involved, since with the advent of the
upstart-monitor the fun expands to include GUI hackers too ;-)

[1] -
James Hunt
#upstart on freenode

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