Re: ipc,sem: sysv semaphore scalability

From: Rik van Riel
Date: Thu Mar 21 2013 - 23:39:06 EST

On 03/21/2013 06:01 PM, Andrew Morton wrote:
On Thu, 21 Mar 2013 17:50:05 -0400 Peter Hurley <peter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Thu, 2013-03-21 at 14:10 -0700, Andrew Morton wrote:
On Wed, 20 Mar 2013 15:55:30 -0400 Rik van Riel <riel@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

This series makes the sysv semaphore code more scalable,
by reducing the time the semaphore lock is held, and making
the locking more scalable for semaphore arrays with multiple

The first four patches were written by Davidlohr Buesso, and
reduce the hold time of the semaphore lock.

The last three patches change the sysv semaphore code locking
to be more fine grained, providing a performance boost when
multiple semaphores in a semaphore array are being manipulated

These patches conflict pretty badly with Peter's:

On one point I'm a little confused: my series has been in linux-next for
a while. On what tree is this series based?

It'll be based on mainline. People often forget to peek into
linux-next when preparing patches. In the great majority of cases
that's OK. Occasionally, we lose...

I'll be happy to rebase the series onto linux-next, to make
merging easier for you.

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