Zombie stuck in zap_pid_ns_processes()

From: Caj Larsson
Date: Wed Mar 20 2013 - 04:43:34 EST


We are setting up a container using a CLONE_NEWNS linux namespace.
Previously we used the 3.4.4 kernel, which worked fine. After I
upgraded i also experienced races in netlink, which has been resolved
by placing a monitor around the namespace setup. When we upgraded to
Linux 3.8.0 however our init processes does not get reaped when the
namespace is killed and lingers as zombie process under the global

The init has multiple threads when running and two remain in the
zombie. One of them is hung in zap_pid_ns_processes() and has been set
uninterruptible. The other one, which has Tgid=PID, is still in

Caj Larsson, Omnicloud
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