Re: [PATCH v3] clk: add si5351 i2c common clock driver

From: Sebastian Hesselbarth
Date: Wed Mar 20 2013 - 04:20:31 EST

On 03/20/2013 01:26 AM, Mike Turquette wrote:
Quoting Sebastian Hesselbarth (2013-03-18 03:43:17)
This patch adds a common clock driver for Silicon Labs Si5351a/b/c
i2c programmable clock generators. Currently, the driver supports
DT kernels only and VXCO feature of si5351b is not implemented. DT
bindings selectively allow to overwrite stored Si5351 configuration
which is very helpful for clock generators with empty eeprom
configuration. Corresponding device tree binding documentation is
also added.

Signed-off-by: Sebastian Hesselbarth<sebastian.hesselbarth@xxxxxxxxx>
Changes from v2:
- add curly brackets to if-else-statements (Reported by Daniel Mack)
- fix div-by-zero for clk6/clk7 (Reported by Daniel Mack)
- fix parameter address calculation for clk6/clk7

Changes from v1:
- remove .is_enabled functions as they read from i2c
(Reported by Daniel Mack)
- add CLK_SET_RATE_PARENT on clkout reparent if clkout uses
its own multisync

I've just pushed out a new clk-next branch which includes Ulf Hansson's
series to introduce the .is_prepared callback. Perhaps you can use that
where you were previously using .is_enabled?


thanks for the info, but I think having .prepare_enable and regmap caching
is just fine for now. When .is_prepared is in mainline, I will re-add the

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