Re: [PATCH] ARM: tegra: fuse: add fuctions to read speedo id andprocess id

From: Danny Huang
Date: Tue Mar 19 2013 - 21:39:43 EST

On Wed, 2013-03-20 at 02:05 +0800, Stephen Warren wrote:
> On 03/18/2013 08:33 PM, Danny Huang wrote:
> > Add functions to read the speedo and process id of both cpu and soc.
> > There might be some drivers need the information as well.
> What code wants to use these functions? It'd be best to submit this
> patch with that code, so that something actually uses the functions, and
> they don't look like dead code.

There are some developing drivers that are located in drivers folder
needs those information. I think that they can't include a header file
in mach-tegra folder. Hence I'd like to provide them such functions for
their development.
Is there any better way to do this?

> In the past, functions similar to this used to exist. However, they were
> removed and replaced by direct access to the underlying variables. Do we
> actually need functions for this, or can code simply read from the
> variables instead?

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