[PATCH 00/21] workqueue: cleanups and better locking for recent changes

From: Lai Jiangshan
Date: Tue Mar 19 2013 - 15:34:13 EST

Hi, TJ

After reviewing(long time review!) for recent 3 patchset:

I did not find anything wrong for the patchset. You can add my Reviewed-by
for every patch.

Although I always tried hard to review, but I found a possible problem of my
reviewed patch: 29c91e9912bed7060df6116af90286500f5a700d. I think I should
print the patch and eat the paper. it is fixed by patch1 here.

In review, I like the patch "replace PF_THREAD_BOUND with PF_NO_SETAFFINITY"
which moves the PF_NO_SETAFFINITY test out from set_cpus_allowed_ptr().
the patch make workqueue.c much simpler.

In review, I did not like the full design of some aspects, or I found the patch
needs add some additional cleanup. but there is nothing wrongs. so I wrote
this patchset instead to reply to every original patch.

In review, I considered more about finer-locking.

* worker_pool_idr and unbound_pool_hash
* pool->refcnt
* workqueues list
* workqueue->flags, ->nr_drainers
* workqueue_freezing

* workqueue->pwqs
* workqueue->saved_max_active

* workqueue->pwqs
* flushers and flushing fields

In this list, we can find that:
1) wq_mutex protects too much different kind of things.
2) workqueue->pwqs are protected by both wq->flush_mutex and pwq_lock,
but in many read sites, they are protected by both wq->flush_mutex and pwq_lock,
in some other read sites, they are protected by pwq_lock, but can be converted
to wq->flush_mutex. it means pwq_lock and wq->flush_mutex are redundancy here.
3) pwq_lock is global lock, but it protects only workqueue instance fields.
4) several workqueue instance fields are protected by different locks.

To make locking better, this patchset changes a little the design as:
pools_mutex protects the set of pools:
* worker_pool_idr and unbound_pool_hash
* pool->refcnt

wqs_mutex(renamed from wq_mutex) protects the set of workqueues and workqueue_freezing:
* workqueues list
* workqueue_freezing

workqueue instance mutex(wq->mutex, renamed from wq->flush_mutex) protects
workqueue instance:
* workqueue->pwqs
* flushers and workqueue's flushing fields
* workqueue->saved_max_active
* workqueue->freezing
(if we access the above fields, we access ->pwqs at the same time)
* workqueue->flags, ->nr_drainers (doing flush at the same time)

Any thought?

Patch1: fix problem of new pool's POOL_FREEZING bit.
Patch5-14: better locking.
Patch1,4,5,10,12,14,20: fix/cleanup/dev for freezing and max_active adjusting

others are single cleanup patches


Lai Jiangshan (21):
workqueue: add missing POOL_FREEZING
workqueue: don't free pool->worker_idr by RCU
workqueue: simplify current_is_workqueue_rescuer()
workqueue: swap the two branches in pwq_adjust_max_active() to get
better readability
workqueue: kick workers in pwq_adjust_max_active()
workqueue: separate out pools locking into pools_mutex
workqueue: rename wq_mutex to wqs_mutex
workqueue: rename wq->flush_mutex to wq->mutex
workqueue: use wq->mutex to protects ->nr_drainers and __WQ_DRAINING
workqueue: use rcu_read_lock_sched() instead for accessing pwq in RCU
workqueue: also allowed wq->mutex protect for_each_pwq()
workqueue: use wq->mutex to protect saved_max_active
workqueue: remove unused pwq_lock
workqueue: add wq->freezing and remove POOL_FREEZING
workqueue: remove worker_maybe_bind_and_lock()
workqueue: rename rebind_workers() to associate_cpu_pool()
workqueue: simplify workqueue_cpu_up_callback(CPU_ONLINE)
workqueue: read POOL_DISASSOCIATED bit under pool->lock
workqueue: remove @p_last_pwq from init_and_link_pwq()
workqueue: modify wq->freezing only when freezable
workqueue: avoid false negative in assert_manager_or_pool_lock()

kernel/workqueue.c | 465 ++++++++++++++++++++--------------------------------
1 files changed, 179 insertions(+), 286 deletions(-)


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