Re: sctp: hang in sctp_remaddr_seq_show

From: Eric Dumazet
Date: Mon Mar 18 2013 - 16:48:56 EST

On Mon, 2013-03-18 at 16:32 -0400, Neil Horman wrote:

> Vlads, right. We need to grab the rcu lock before the read lock, but we should
> probably use the rcu_read_lock_bh variant, since we're going to disable bottom
> halves anyway.
> Neil

rcu_read_lock_bh() and {local_bh_disable();rcu_read_lock();} have quite
different semantics.

If you use rcu_read_lock_bh(), you also need to change rcu_dereference()
calls to rcu_dereference_bh() variant.

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