Re: [PATCH] init: fix name of root device in /proc/mounts

From: William Hubbs
Date: Sun Mar 17 2013 - 18:23:49 EST


I haven't heard any more on this patch, so I wanted to ping the thread
again and find out the status.

The original message is linked below[1].

The issue is that /dev/root appears in /proc/mounts if you do not boot
with an initramfs, but /dev/root is not a device node. In the past, udev
created a symbolic link from /dev/root to the appropriate block device,
but it does not do this any longer. Also, devtmpfs does not create this
symbolic link.

This is causing bugs with software that depends on the existence of
/dev/root [2] for example.

Do you need any more information on this patch, or is there some reason
it can't go in?

Thanks much,



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