Re: ptracing a task from core_pattern pipe

From: Daniel Walker
Date: Sat Mar 16 2013 - 20:44:56 EST

On Sat, Mar 16, 2013 at 06:58:45PM +0100, Oleg Nesterov wrote:
> On 03/15, Daniel Walker wrote:
> >
> > I was writing an application to ptrace a process which is dumping core
> > from inside the pipe application for core_pattern.
> This was never possible. And never will, I think.
> > So for example you make core pattern equal to something like
> > "|/bin/corepipe_app" then the kernel runs that app prior to actually
> > killing the process that failed.
> No, the dumper "kills" itself (but see below) and the starts
> /bin/corepipe_app.

Not sure what you mean by "dumper" .. The thread that has failed (i.e.
the thread which has seg faulted) is sleeping until the corepipe_app

> > Before the pipe application runs it puts SIGKILL on the pending signal
> > list for the failed application.
> if "it" means the dumper thread then "almost true". It kills other threads
> but not itself.

"it" is in the kernel prior to spawning the corepipe_app , but I think
it's the context of the thread which failed.. The SIGKILL is done in

> (Just in case, this was recently changed. After
> coredump-ensure-that-sigkill-always-kills-the-dumping-thread.patch in -mm
> tree the dumper doesn't run in SIGNAL_GROUP_EXIT, but probably this
> doesn't matter)
> > However the application can't run.
> Which application? Both the dumper and corepipe_app can run...

the "dumper" , assuming I know what you mean, is sleeping.. It can't
run when corepipe_app runs. It wouldn't make sense because the core is
getting saved at that point.

> > This commit,
> >
> > 9899d11f654474d2d54ea52ceaa2a1f4db3abd68
> > seems to put a damper on ptracing the application at this point.
> How can this commit make any difference? It should not.

As I said there is a SIGKILL pending on the "dumper" thread, and your
commit finds the SIGKILL pending.

> > So I wanted to see what you think of all this.. Can we add an exception
> > to this which would allow operations on a task which is dumping core,
> Which ptrace request you think should work at this stage? The coredumping
> task is dying, it can't report, say, signal or syscall. It can report
> nothing except PTRACE_EVENT_EXIT, but only after it closes the pipe.

It can give me it's registers, and allow me access to it's memory space.
That's all I want realistically ..

> > but still has SIGKILL pending. The other way would be to not add SIGKILL
> > till after the pipe app runs.
> See above.
> > As of right now I can PTRACE_ATTACH, but the operations all fail with
> > -ESRCH .
> Sure, because the tracee doesn't (and shouldn't) stop, iow it doesn't
> report any event.
> Could you explain what actually you are trying to do? And what exactly
> doesn't work as you expected?

I'm trying to get the "dumpers" registers and stack out when it fails.

> Now that the coredump is killable (-mm patches), _perhaps_ we can, say,
> add PTRACE_EVENT_CORED_DUMPED reported after binfmt->core_dump(). Not
> sure this is what you need...

Not sure what this would accomplish .. I just want the processes
registers and stack or access to all it's memory.

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