RAMster selects HAVE_ALIGNED_STRUCT_PAGE on 64 bit systems when it should not

From: Martin Walch
Date: Sat Mar 16 2013 - 15:36:11 EST

At drivers/staging/zcache/Kconfig:13 it says

config RAMSTER
bool "Cross-machine RAM capacity sharing, aka peer-to-peer tmem"
depends on CONFIGFS_FS=y && SYSFS=y && !HIGHMEM && ZCACHE=y
depends on NET
# must ensure struct page is 8-byte aligned
default n

However, there is no config section for the symbol 64_BIT, so !64_BIT will
always be evaluated to true, and therefore RAMSTER will always select
HAVE_ALIGNED_STRUCT_PAGE, disregarding any breakage.

64_BIT should probably say 64BIT which has corresponding config sections in
arch/{x86,ia64,mips,s390,tile,alpha,arm64,sparc,parisc,powerpc}/Kconfig and

I do not know if there are any bad consequences about this, but I guess this
should be reviewed and fixed, probably by just removing the underscore from
64_BIT in drivers/staging/zcache/Kconfig.

Martin Walch

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