ptracing a task from core_pattern pipe

From: Daniel Walker
Date: Fri Mar 15 2013 - 21:22:34 EST


I was writing an application to ptrace a process which is dumping core
from inside the pipe application for core_pattern.

So for example you make core pattern equal to something like
"|/bin/corepipe_app" then the kernel runs that app prior to actually
killing the process that failed.

Before the pipe application runs it puts SIGKILL on the pending signal
list for the failed application. However the application can't run.

This commit,


seems to put a damper on ptracing the application at this point.

So I wanted to see what you think of all this.. Can we add an exception
to this which would allow operations on a task which is dumping core,
but still has SIGKILL pending. The other way would be to not add SIGKILL
till after the pipe app runs.

As of right now I can PTRACE_ATTACH, but the operations all fail with


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