Re: [PATCH 1/1] USB: Added quirk to recognize GE0301 3G modem as an interface.

From: BjÃrn Mork
Date: Wed Mar 13 2013 - 14:51:29 EST

manoj.iyer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> +/* Reported by Timo Aaltonen <tjaalton@xxxxxxxxxx> */
> +UNUSUAL_DEV( 0x0af0, 0x7011, 0x0000, 0x9999,
> + "Option",
> + "Mass Storage",
> + USB_SC_DEVICE, USB_PR_DEVICE, option_ms_init,
> + 0 ),
> +
> /* Reported by F. Aben <f.aben@xxxxxxxxxx>
> * This device (wrongly) has a vendor-specific device descriptor.
> * The entry is needed so usb-storage can bind to it's mass-storage

This device is already supported by the default usb_modeswitch

bjorn@nemi:~$ tar zxOvf /usr/share/usb_modeswitch/configPack.tar.gz 0af0:7011
# Option HSO device




Install the usb-modeswitch package and you're done. No need to patch
the kernel for this.

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