Re: [PATCH 07/16] TTY: quatech2, remove unneeded is_open

From: Bill Pemberton
Date: Wed Mar 13 2013 - 09:51:52 EST

Jiri Slaby writes:
> tty->ops->break_ctl cannot be called outside the gap between open and
> close. So there is no need to check whether the port is open in
> break_ctl in quatech2. Remove the check and also that member
> completely.

We can't get rid of is_open. The devices use 1 read urb for all ports
and will send various things about ports that haven't actually been
opened. So the driver needs to know if a port has actually been
opened or not. In fact, I was about to send a patch that fixes a
warning caused by commit 2e124b4a390ca85325fae75764bef92f0547fa25
causing the driver to try to write to ttys that weren't actually

The guard in qt2_break_ctl() can still be removed.

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