hybrid raid1 with trim support

From: Markus
Date: Tue Mar 12 2013 - 13:49:16 EST


I created a hybrid raid1 with one ssd and one hdd. Used writemostly and writebehind and put ext4 with discard enabled on it.
This setup worked quite well for the last months (last kernel was 3.7.6). But now as I booted 3.8.2 the hdd was dropped from the raid with:
> md/raid1:md2: Disk failure on sdb1, disabling device.
> md/raid1:md2: Operation continuing on 1 devices.

Re-adding this drive it will try to resync but the hdd will be dropped short time after. Now I remounted the device without the discard flag and the resync and usage works as before.
After remounting it again with discard enabled the hdd is dropped again. So I think this is the culprit as the hdd does obviously not support TRIM...

As it worked fine before, I think this is a regression? Or is this an intended change?

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