Re: [PATCH] x86, kdump: Set crashkernel_low automatically

From: H. Peter Anvin
Date: Mon Mar 11 2013 - 14:49:14 EST

On 03/11/2013 11:26 AM, Vivek Goyal wrote:
> Hi Yinghai,
> In mutt your patches are showing as attachment instead of inline. Mutt
> thinks attachment is of type "application/octet-stream". Not sure if
> this is configuration issue on my part or something is going on your
> end.
> I have few more concerns.
> - Are we able to reserve 512MB memory now below 896MB. I remember so
> far it was broken.

What is the purpose of reserving that kind of memory below 896 MB? If
you have a 32-bit system, it will likely be useless since you are
robbing the primary of most of lowmem, on a 64-bit system 896 MB is not
a magic value in any way...?


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