Re: [PATCH V2 4/5] ARM: DT: tegra114: add KBC controller DT entry

From: Laxman Dewangan
Date: Mon Mar 11 2013 - 14:01:23 EST

On Monday 11 March 2013 11:13 PM, Stephen Warren wrote:
On 03/09/2013 11:11 AM, Laxman Dewangan wrote:
NVIDIA's Tegra114 SoCs have the matrix keyboard controller which
supports 11x8 type of matrix. The number of rows and columns
are configurable.

Add DT entry for KBC controller with compatibility as "nvidia,tegra114-kbc",
I thought the HW really wasn't compatible with Tegra20 due to the
reduced number of rows/columns/pins supported?

Hw controller is really compatible. Only thing is that there is no physical pins on SoC for KBC-ROW11 to KBC-ROW15.
Because, there is no physical pins for ROW11 to ROW15, we asked to remove programming/reference this rows from TRM of T114 to consistent with SoCs.

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