Linux Kernel Commit 025cee7f8fef02af09b03c8e1cd9843cb32adf9b

From: John L. Males
Date: Thu Feb 28 2013 - 17:12:33 EST

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With respect to Linux Kernel Commit
025cee7f8fef02af09b03c8e1cd9843cb32adf9b Change Log:


comment "It has probably been the cause of a number of subtle
bugs over the years, although the conditions to excite them
would have been hard to trigger."

Would the Linux Kernel under "unique" Virtual Memory Subsystem
stress excite some of these "subtle bugs" in Linux Kernels
prior to this change set for Commit
025cee7f8fef02af09b03c8e1cd9843cb32adf9b? I am not asking for
you to identify the subtle bugs. It is obvious it would be
difficult to determine from reported and unreported cases such
bugs. Just your sense or first hand knowledge if a Linux Kernel
under "unique" stress including Virtual Memory Subsystem stress
would be a key element of?

I am one of those who seems to often cause system kernels of
any OS stress due to my very high power user use of Operating
Systems and hence why my question.


John L. Males
Toronto, Ontario
28 February 2013 17:11

2013-02-28 16:57:24.110757989-0500-EST

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10:06:41 EST 2012

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