lockdep: access percpu variable too early

From: Ming Lei
Date: Thu Feb 28 2013 - 10:48:10 EST


The percpu variables of 'lockdep_stats' and 'cpu_lock_stat'
may be accessed before percpu area is brought up in case of
in non-boot CPUs will be initialized incorrectly.

As far as I think of, there are several solutions for the

1, just enable 'debug_locks' until percpu area is built
2, define the two percpu variables in a simple/stupid
percpu way inside lockdep
3, clear these two percpu variables of non-boot CPUs
just after percpu area is built.
4, ignore the problem

Looks each approache have its own disadvantage, so what
is your opinion on the problem? or better approach?

Ming Lei
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