[PATCH 00/05] irqchip: Renesas INTC External IRQ pin v2 update

From: Magnus Damm
Date: Tue Feb 26 2013 - 06:52:59 EST

irqchip: Renesas INTC External IRQ pin v2 update

[PATCH 01/05] irqchip: intc-irqpin: Whitespace fixes
[PATCH 02/05] irqchip: intc-irqpin: Cache mapped IRQ
[PATCH 03/05] irqchip: intc-irqpin: Add force comments
[PATCH 04/05] irqchip: intc-irqpin: Make use of devm functions
[PATCH 05/05] irqchip: intc-irqpin: GPL header for platform data

These patches update the v1 of the INTC External IRQ pin driver
in various ways based on feedback kindly received from:
- Simon Horman
- Kuninori Morimoto
- Thomas Gleixner

With the series applied I see the driver as "v2", but
I prefer to keep these changes as incremental ones instead
of redoing a single "v2" patch for the driver. The reason
behind this is that there are on-going back porting efforts
that are better dealt with using incremental patches.

Signed-off-by: Magnus Damm <damm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Depends on:
[PATCH] irqchip: Renesas INTC External IRQ pin driver

drivers/irqchip/irq-renesas-intc-irqpin.c | 88 ++++++++---------
include/linux/platform_data/irq-renesas-intc-irqpin.h | 19 +++
2 files changed, 62 insertions(+), 45 deletions(-)
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