Re: I2C: Fix i2c fail problem when a process is terminated by asignal on octeon in 3.8

From: Wolfram Sang
Date: Tue Feb 26 2013 - 06:07:56 EST

On Tue, Feb 26, 2013 at 11:02:17AM +0100, Jiri Kosina wrote:
> On Fri, 22 Feb 2013, ììë wrote:
> >
> > Â
> >
> > I've been debugging the abnormal operation of i2c on octeon.
> > If a process is terminated by signal in the middle of i2c operation,
> > next i2c read operation which is done by another process was failed.
> > So i changed to ignore signal in the middle of i2c operation.
> > After that the problem was not reproduced.
> This is not really material directly for trivial.git. Adding maintainers
> to CC.

Yes, this should not go via trivial. Please resend to i2c list. Patch
looks okay from a glimpse (and fixes an issue we have seen before and
fixed the same way).



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