Re: [PATCH] Use config scripts to detect ncurses libs for, menuconfig/nconfigdialogs

From: Justin
Date: Mon Feb 25 2013 - 15:33:11 EST

On 25.02.2013 19:30, Yann E. MORIN wrote:
> Justin, All,
> On Sunday 24 February 2013 Justin wrote:
>> when ncurses is build with --with-termlib several symbols are moved to a
>> seperate terminfo library ( Current Kernel buildsystem
>> results in a build error with menuconfig and nconfig dialogs.
> Do you know of a distribution where this is the case, so I can test?

This is using Gentoo Linux testing with But I assume you will
get the same result using any distro with gold.

> I think I would prefer spearate patches, one for mconf, one for nconf.

I will send new patches in a separate mail, so that we can do the review

>> -HOSTLOADLIBES_nconf = -lmenu -lpanel -lncurses
>> +HOSTLOADLIBES_nconf = `pkg-config --libs menu panel ncurses`
> On my distro (Debian stable) ncurses has no pkg-config file installed, so
> this fails.

I already feared that. Will convert it to ncurses5-config which should
be available on any recent distro.

>> - fi
>> + if type -p ncurses5-config &> /dev/null ; then
> ^^
> This is a bashism, and will not work on purely POSIX shells.
> Please use: >/dev/null 2>&1

Thanks for noting this.

>> + exit 0
> (nit-picking) I'd prefer you be consistent with existing code which just
> calls 'exit' without a number.

I added it to be more precise on the return value. But I don't care as
simple exit should result in the same.

Thanks for the review.

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