Re: [PATCH] sp5100_tco: Remove code that may cause a boot failure

From: Tanaka Takahisa
Date: Mon Feb 25 2013 - 10:04:30 EST

Hi Paul,

Thank you for always helping!

2013/2/24 Paul Menzel <paulepanter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Dear Takahisa,

> all SB700 boards or just a specific one?

The problem is found only on the ASUSTeK M3A78-CM at the moment. The
problem prevents OS from booting, and, It's critical. Therefor, I
thought that It is safe to delete the reprogramming code of chipset
until a reason is found.

> Is that problem there since the first implementation or just with your
> second patch? (I do not have the commit hashes and summaries ready.)

The problem occurred in both the first implementation and my second patch.
Please refer to following LKML thread.

> The Bugzilla entry is not really related to this report. Please make
> clear that this is the report the original patch wanted to fix. As
> nobody closed it yet, it does not need to be reopened.

Sorry, you just said it. I will replace the URL of Bugzilla with URL
of LKML thread, and resend the
patch to LKML.

> To address Greg’s comment, your patch first has to land in Linus’ master
> branch and only then it can be backported/applied to the stable series.
> This will be done automatically if you just add

It's my mistake that I add stable@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to CC. This patch
isn't able to apply Linus master branch, because this patch is
dependent on second patch which isn't merged into Linus' master

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