Re: [RFE PATCH 2/2] rtc, add write functionality to sysfs

From: Alessandro Zummo
Date: Mon Feb 25 2013 - 09:58:26 EST

On Sun, 24 Feb 2013 12:03:01 -0500
Prarit Bhargava <prarit@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> AFAICT there is no way for me to "test" or use the write from userspace.
> hwclock uses the SET_TIME ioctl, which is a different code path AFAICT.
> I'd like to be at least able to test this stuff when we make changes to it so I
> think having write functionality for date & time is worthwhile.
> For me, I'm using these to heavily test ntp and ntpdate over system reboots.

the point is: who will benefit from this patch? users? distributions?
embedded distributions? if it's useful, then just go for it.

> OOC, Alessandro, why is the date & time split into two fields?

because date and time are two different things and we expect
sysfs to preferably have one value for each entry.


Best regards,

Alessandro Zummo,
Tower Technologies - Torino, Italy

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