Re: [PATCH] acerhdf: Fix fan activation with new thermal governor

From: Borislav Petkov
Date: Mon Feb 25 2013 - 05:25:35 EST

On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 11:21:54AM +0800, Zhang Rui wrote:
> the reason we keep on calling it because the thermal zone trip point
> info may be changed at runtime.
> > Can we pass trip points and temperature levels upon registration time
> > instead?
> >
> no, but we can cache it in the thermal layer, and do update when
> necessary.

Right, so this would make sense for fan, etc drivers which have static
trip points.

> why? I do not think the stepwise scheme will break it. If it happens, we
> should fix stepwise governor instead.

Ok, see my earlier mail for what acerhdf would need to be able to do.

> > Therefore, add two more trip points - an
> > active one where we turn on the fan, and a critical one.
> >
> I think you add a passive trip point and a critical one here.

I got 3 in total:

if (trip == 0)
+ else if (trip == 1)
+ else if (trip == 2)

> has anybody checked if the patch at fixes
> the problem, without any other patch?

Ok, let me try it out.


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