RE: [PATCH] xfs: Fix possible truncation of log data inxlog_bread_noalign()

From: Tony Lu
Date: Sat Feb 23 2013 - 23:46:54 EST

>> For example, if xlog_bread_noalign() wants to read blocks from #1
>> to # 9, in which case the passed parameter blk_no is 1, and nbblks
>> is 8, sectBBsize is 8, after the round down and round up
>> operations, we get blk_no as 0, and nbblks as still 8. We
>> definitely lose the last block of the log data.
>Yes, I fully understand that. But I also understand how the log
>works and that this behaviour *should not happen*. That's why
>I'm asking questions about what the problem you are trying to fix.

I am not sure about this, since I saw many reads on non-sector-align blocks even when successfully mounting good XFS partitions.
-sh-4.1# mount /dev/sda3 /home/
XFS (sda3): Mounting Filesystem

And also there is code in xlog_write_log_records() which handles non-sector-align reads and writes.

/* We may need to do a read at the start to fill in part of
* the buffer in the starting sector not covered by the first
* write below.
balign = round_down(start_block, sectbb);
if (balign != start_block) {
error = xlog_bread_noalign(log, start_block, 1, bp);
if (error)
goto out_put_bp;

j = start_block - balign;

>Ramdisks don't persist over a reboot, so you must have had some
>other way of reproducing the problem. Can you tell me how you
>reproduced it on a ramdisk? Better yet, send me a script that
>reproduces the problem?

I will try to reproduce it. Basically it is a loop of mount, creating many files and unmount.

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