[GIT PULL] PCI changes for v3.9

From: Bjorn Helgaas
Date: Sat Feb 23 2013 - 16:21:37 EST

The following changes since commit d1c3ed669a2d452cacfb48c2d171a1f364dae2ed:

Linux 3.8-rc2 (2013-01-02 18:13:21 -0800)

are available in the git repository at:

git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/helgaas/pci.git tags/pci-v3.9-changes

for you to fetch changes up to 018ba0a6efada61b9bc17500101d81c3d35807c2:

Merge branch 'pci/yinghai-root-bus-hotplug' into next (2013-02-19 11:42:17 -0700)


PCI changes for the v3.9 merge window:

Host bridge hotplug
- Major overhaul of ACPI host bridge add/start (Rafael Wysocki, Yinghai Lu)
- Major overhaul of PCI/ACPI binding (Rafael Wysocki, Yinghai Lu)
- Split out ACPI host bridge and ACPI PCI device hotplug (Yinghai Lu)
- Stop caching _PRT and make independent of bus numbers (Yinghai Lu)

PCI device hotplug
- Clean up cpqphp dead code (Sasha Levin)
- Disable ARI unless device and upstream bridge support it (Yijing Wang)
- Initialize all hot-added devices (not functions 0-7) (Yijing Wang)

Power management
- Don't touch ASPM if disabled (Joe Lawrence)
- Fix ASPM link state management (Myron Stowe)

- Fix PCI_EXP_FLAGS accessor (Alex Williamson)
- Disable Bus Master in pci_device_shutdown (Konstantin Khlebnikov)
- Document hotplug resource and MPS parameters (Yijing Wang)
- Add accessor for PCIe capabilities (Myron Stowe)
- Drop pciehp suspend/resume messages (Paul Bolle)
- Make pci_slot built-in only (not a module) (Jiang Liu)
- Remove unused PCI/ACPI bind ops (Jiang Liu)
- Removed used pci_root_bus (Bjorn Helgaas)

Alex Williamson (1):
PCI: Fix PCI Express Capability accessors for PCI_EXP_FLAGS

Bjorn Helgaas (23):
ACPI: Remove unused struct acpi_pci_root.id member
x86/PCI: Remove unused pci_root_bus
frv/PCI: Remove unused pci_root_bus
mn10300/PCI: Remove unused pci_root_bus
PCI: Use "unsigned long" for __pci_enable_device_flags to match ioport.h
PCI: Drop "__" prefix on __pci_enable_device_flags()
Merge branch 'pci/misc' into next
Merge branch 'pci/yinghai-survey-resources' into next
Merge branch 'acpi-scan' of git://git.kernel.org/.../rafael/linux-pm into pci/yinghai-survey-resources+acpi-scan
Merge branch 'pci/yinghai-survey-resources+acpi-scan' into next
Merge branch 'pci/rafael-set-root-bridge-handle' into next
Merge branch 'acpi-scan' of git://git.kernel.org/.../rafael/linux-pm into pci/acpi-scan2
Merge branch 'pci/yijing-ari' into next
Merge branch 'pci/acpi-scan2' into next
Merge branch 'pci/yinghai-root-bus-hotplug' into next
Merge branch 'pci/yinghai-root-bus-hotplug' into next
Merge branch 'pci/joe-aspm' into next
Merge branch 'pci/misc' into next
PCI: Use atomic_inc_return() rather than atomic_add_return()
Merge branch 'pci/konstantin-runtime-pm' into next
Merge branch 'pci/jiang-pci_slot-kconfig' into next
Merge branch 'pci/misc' into next
Merge branch 'pci/yinghai-root-bus-hotplug' into next

Jiang Liu (6):
ACPI: remove unused acpi_op_bind and acpi_op_unbind
PCI: Fix reference count leak in pci_dev_present()
PCI: Make device create/destroy logic symmetric
PCI: acpiphp: Create companion ACPI devices before creating PCI devices
PCI: acpiphp: Remove dead code for PCI host bridge hotplug
ACPI / PCI: Make pci_slot built-in only, not a module

Joe Lawrence (1):
PCI/ASPM: Don't touch ASPM if forcibly disabled

Konstantin Khlebnikov (2):
PCI: Disable Bus Master unconditionally in pci_device_shutdown()
PCI: Catch attempts to disable already-disabled devices

Mika Westerberg (1):
ACPI / scan: Fix check of device_attach() return value.

Myron Stowe (3):
PCI: Introduce accessor to retrieve PCIe Capabilities Register
PCI: Use PCI Express Capability accessor
PCI/ASPM: Deallocate upstream link state even if device is not PCIe

Paul Bolle (1):
PCI: pciehp: Drop suspend/resume ENTRY messages

Rafael J. Wysocki (25):
ACPI: Separate adding ACPI device objects from probing ACPI drivers
ACPI: Change the ordering of PCI root bridge driver registrarion
ACPI: Make acpi_bus_add() and acpi_bus_start() visibly different
ACPI: Reduce the usage of struct acpi_bus_ops
ACPI: Replace struct acpi_bus_ops with enum type
ACPI: Change the ordering of acpi_bus_check_add()
ACPI / PCI: Fold acpi_pci_root_start() into acpi_pci_root_add()
ACPI: Remove acpi_start_single_object() and acpi_bus_start()
ACPI: Remove the arguments of acpi_bus_add() that are not used
ACPI: Drop the second argument of acpi_bus_scan()
ACPI: Replace ACPI device add_type field with a match_driver flag
ACPI: Make acpi_bus_scan() and acpi_bus_add() take only one argument
ACPI: Add .setup() and .cleanup() callbacks to struct acpi_bus_type
ACPI / PCI: Rework the setup and cleanup of device wakeup
ACPI / PCI: Move the _PRT setup and cleanup code to pci-acpi.c
ACPI: Drop ACPI device .bind() and .unbind() callbacks
ACPI / scan: Treat power resources in a special way
ACPI / PCI: Set root bridge ACPI handle in advance
ACPI: Remove the ops field from struct acpi_device
ACPI / scan: Drop the second argument of acpi_device_unregister()
ACPI / scan: Drop the second argument of acpi_bus_trim()
ACPI / scan: Change the implementation of acpi_bus_trim()
ACPI / scan: Add second pass to acpi_bus_trim()
ACPI / scan: Drop acpi_bus_add() and use acpi_bus_scan() instead
PCI/PM: Clear state_saved during suspend

Sasha Levin (1):
PCI: cpqphp: Cleanup and remove unreachable paths

Tang Chen (1):
PCI/ACPI: Print info if host bridge notify handler installation fails

Yijing Wang (10):
PCI: Enable ARI if dev and upstream bridge support it; disable otherwise
PCI: Rename pci_enable_ari() to pci_configure_ari()
PCI: Consolidate "next-function" functions
PCI: pciehp: Iterate over all devices in slot, not functions 0-7
PCI: cpcihp: Iterate over all devices in slot, not functions 0-7
PCI: sgihp: Iterate over all devices in slot, not functions 0-7
PCI: shpchp: Iterate over all devices in slot, not functions 0-7
PCI: Document hpiosize= and hpmemsize= resource reservation parameters
PCI: Document MPS parameters pci=pcie_bus_safe, pci=pcie_bus_perf, etc
PCI: Remove unused "rc" in virtfn_add_bus()

Yinghai Lu (19):
x86/PCI: Factor out pcibios_allocate_bridge_resources()
x86/PCI: Factor out pcibios_allocate_dev_resources()
x86/PCI: Allocate resources on a per-bus basis for hot-adding root buses
x86/PCI: Factor out pcibios_allocate_dev_rom_resource()
x86/PCI: Don't track firmware-assigned BAR values for hot-added devices
x86/PCI: Keep resource allocation functions after boot
PCI/ACPI: Reserve firmware-allocated resources for hot-added root buses
x86/PCI: Implement pcibios_resource_survey_bus()
ACPI: update ej_event interface to take acpi_device
PCI: Kill pci_is_reassigndev()
PCI: acpiphp: Add is_hotplug_bridge detection
PCI: Add root bus children dev's res to fail list
PCI: Set pci_dev dev_node early so IOAPIC irq_descs are allocated locally
PCI/ACPI: acpiphp: Rename alloc_acpiphp_hp_work() to alloc_acpi_hp_work()
PCI: acpiphp: Move host bridge hotplug to pci_root.c
PCI: acpiphp: Keep driver loaded even if no slots found
PCI: Skip attaching driver in device_add()
PCI: Put pci_dev in device tree as early as possible
PCI/ACPI: Don't cache _PRT, and don't associate them with bus numbers

Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt | 21 ++
arch/frv/mb93090-mb00/pci-frv.h | 1 -
arch/frv/mb93090-mb00/pci-vdk.c | 4 +-
arch/ia64/pci/pci.c | 8 +
arch/mn10300/unit-asb2305/pci-asb2305.h | 1 -
arch/mn10300/unit-asb2305/pci.c | 4 +-
arch/x86/include/asm/pci.h | 3 +
arch/x86/include/asm/pci_x86.h | 1 -
arch/x86/pci/acpi.c | 9 +
arch/x86/pci/common.c | 1 -
arch/x86/pci/i386.c | 185 +++++++++++-------
arch/x86/pci/legacy.c | 2 +-
arch/x86/pci/numaq_32.c | 2 +-
drivers/acpi/Kconfig | 5 +-
drivers/acpi/Makefile | 2 +-
drivers/acpi/acpi_memhotplug.c | 26 +--
drivers/acpi/container.c | 31 +--
drivers/acpi/device_pm.c | 2 +-
drivers/acpi/dock.c | 17 +-
drivers/acpi/glue.c | 50 +++--
drivers/acpi/internal.h | 7 +
drivers/acpi/osl.c | 24 ++-
drivers/acpi/pci_bind.c | 122 ------------
drivers/acpi/pci_irq.c | 102 ++++------
drivers/acpi/pci_root.c | 233 +++++++++++++---------
drivers/acpi/pci_slot.c | 13 +-
drivers/acpi/processor_driver.c | 32 +---
drivers/acpi/scan.c | 330 ++++++++++++--------------------
drivers/pci/access.c | 6 +-
drivers/pci/bus.c | 81 ++------
drivers/pci/hotplug/acpiphp.h | 14 +-
drivers/pci/hotplug/acpiphp_core.c | 23 +--
drivers/pci/hotplug/acpiphp_glue.c | 292 ++++++----------------------
drivers/pci/hotplug/cpci_hotplug_pci.c | 29 ++-
drivers/pci/hotplug/cpqphp_ctrl.c | 57 ++----
drivers/pci/hotplug/pciehp_core.c | 2 -
drivers/pci/hotplug/pciehp_pci.c | 44 ++---
drivers/pci/hotplug/sgi_hotplug.c | 73 ++++---
drivers/pci/hotplug/shpchp_pci.c | 36 ++--
drivers/pci/iov.c | 10 +-
drivers/pci/pci-acpi.c | 45 +++--
drivers/pci/pci-driver.c | 12 +-
drivers/pci/pci.c | 80 +++-----
drivers/pci/pci.h | 9 +-
drivers/pci/pcie/aspm.c | 8 +-
drivers/pci/pcie/portdrv_core.c | 2 +-
drivers/pci/probe.c | 104 ++++++----
drivers/pci/remove.c | 4 +-
drivers/pci/search.c | 10 +-
drivers/pci/setup-bus.c | 2 +-
include/acpi/acpi_bus.h | 35 ++--
include/acpi/acpi_drivers.h | 5 -
include/acpi/acpiosxf.h | 2 -
include/linux/acpi.h | 5 +
include/linux/pci.h | 15 +-
55 files changed, 919 insertions(+), 1324 deletions(-)
delete mode 100644 drivers/acpi/pci_bind.c
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