[PULL REQUEST] ext2, ext3, udf updates for 3.9-rc1

From: Jan Kara
Date: Fri Feb 22 2013 - 10:25:21 EST

Hello Linus,

could you please pull from

git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jack/linux-fs.git for_linus

to get several UDF fixes, a support for UDF extent cache, and couple of
ext2 and ext3 cleanups and minor fixes.

Top of the tree is 712ddc5. The full shortlog is:

Guo Chao (1):
ext3, ext4, ocfs2: remove unused macro NAMEI_RA_INDEX

Jan Kara (5):
ext3: Fix memory leak when quota options are specified multiple times
udf: Write LVID to disk after opening / closing
udf: Fix bitmap overflow on large filesystems with small block size
udf: Make s_block_bitmap standard array
udf: Remove unused s_extLength from udf_bitmap

Namjae Jeon (1):
udf: add extent cache support in case of file reading

Wang Shilong (9):
Ext2: free memory allocated and forget buffer head when io error happens
Ext3: add necessary check in case IO error happens
Ext2: use unlikely to improve the efficiency of the kernel
Ext3: use unlikely to improve the efficiency of the kernel
Ext2: return ENOMEM rather than EIO if sb_getblk fails
Ext3: return ENOMEM rather than EIO if sb_getblk fails
Ext2: remove the overhead check about sb in the function ext2_new_blocks
Ext2: mark inode dirty after the function dquot_free_block_nodirty is called
Ext2: remove the static function release_blocks to optimize the kernel

The diffstat is

fs/ext2/balloc.c | 28 ++++++-----------
fs/ext2/inode.c | 12 +++++++
fs/ext2/super.c | 2 +-
fs/ext2/xattr.c | 4 +-
fs/ext3/inode.c | 16 ++++++----
fs/ext3/namei.c | 1 -
fs/ext3/resize.c | 12 ++++----
fs/ext3/super.c | 51 +++++++++++++++++++-------------
fs/ext3/xattr.c | 4 +-
fs/ext4/namei.c | 1 -
fs/ocfs2/dir.c | 1 -
fs/udf/inode.c | 86 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----
fs/udf/super.c | 11 ++++---
fs/udf/udf_i.h | 16 ++++++++++
fs/udf/udf_sb.h | 5 +--
fs/udf/udfdecl.h | 5 ---
16 files changed, 177 insertions(+), 78 deletions(-)

Jan Kara <jack@xxxxxxx>
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