Re: prctl(PR_SET_MM)

From: Denys Vlasenko
Date: Fri Feb 22 2013 - 09:25:17 EST

On 02/19/2013 07:25 AM, Amnon Shiloh wrote:
> Steven Rostedt wrote:
>> If only you, or a few people are using it (ie. distros don't see a
>> need), then it will be up to you to make the changes.
> I believe that this functionality is of a general nature and is needed
> by many, not only by myself and by the CRIU group, but by all user-level
> software packages, past present and future, that provide some form or
> another of reconstructing a Linux process.

That's what "RESTORE" part of CONFIG_CHECKPOINT_RESTORE refers to:
the ability to restore (reconstruct) a process.

If you want to be able to restore a process, you need RESTORE
feature. It's that simple.

Why do you want yet another config option for it?
What's the problem if you simply enable CONFIG_CHECKPOINT_RESTORE?

The only problem I can imagine is "CONFIG_CHECKPOINT_RESTORE
enables too many things I don't need".

Frankly, I find it not very likely, unless you are planning
on working on resource-constrained machines (like mobile phone).


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