Re: [PATCH] MODSIGN: Fix including certificate twice when thesigning_key.x509 already exists

From: joeyli
Date: Fri Feb 22 2013 - 03:39:57 EST

Hi David,

Thanks for your review and point out!

æ åï2013-02-21 æ 14:16 +0000ïDavid Howells æåï
> > +ifneq ($(shell pwd), $(srctree))
> How reliable is this, I wonder?
> David

My current shell is bash, and I tried the '$(shell pwd)' in Makefile
works for grab the REAL path when the build path is a symbolic links to
kernel source directory. Looks the '$(shell pwd)' in Makefile was call
'/bin/pwd' but not 'the shell builtin pwd'.

But, in case the behavior is different between shells, I think used
'$(shell /bin/pwd)' will be better for make sure we call /bin/pwd from

I will send a second version of this patch, please consider for accept
if we need this change.

Thanks a lot!
Joey Lee

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