[PATCH 0/3] posix timers: Extend kernel API to report more info abouttimers (v2)

From: Pavel Emelyanov
Date: Thu Feb 21 2013 - 13:22:32 EST


Here's another approach to address the problems with insufficient API
of posix timers.

Currently kernel doesn't provide any API for getting information about
what timers are currently created by process and in which state they
are. Initially the proposal was to add a couple of system calls that
would list timers owned by a task and provide info about sigevent
configuration of particular timer.

Matthew pointed out, that fixing the API in _that_ way should better be
left to POSIX people :) and we'd better go with new /proc files. So
here's how the /proc file can look like to provide info about timers
(patches 2 and 3).

And, yet again, I'd like to fix the way timer IDs are generated by
replacing global IDR with hashtable and making IDs generation
per-signal_struct (patch 1). A note: mentioned by Matthew important
patches about timers IDR are "don't feed negative ID into idr_xxx
engine". Since I remove the whole IDR stuff from timers, I do
conflict with them, but this is easy to fix :)

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