bug: keep_bootcon and early printk together can lead to (invisible)kernel panic

From: Patrik, Kluba
Date: Thu Feb 21 2013 - 09:43:58 EST


I had a silent lockup on one of our embedded system under development.
It was not easy to track it down, so here's what I discovered, in case
somebody runs into similar trouble.
Using 'keep_bootcon' command line parameter, and enabling early printk
can lead to a kernel panic. At least on MIPS, it does. The problem is
that in arch/mips/kernel/early_printk.c everything is declared as
__init and __initdata, so they are being freed, when the kernel
frees .init.* sections. If 'keep_bootcon' is given, the early console
does not get unregistered, and the entry in the console_drivers list
can point (will, believe me) to garbage data. It's up to you to imagine
the effects...


Patrik KLUBA
Software Developer at

DENSION Audio Systems Ltd.
H-1116 Budapest, Sztregova u. 1
Phone: +36 1 463 0470
Fax: +36 1 463 0479
Web: www.dension.com
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