RE: [PATCH] Fix rq->lock vs logbuf_lock unlock race

From: Bu, Yitian
Date: Wed Feb 20 2013 - 06:24:45 EST

> Unfortunately that's not quite possible, rq->lock is really out of bounds. At
> one point I tried 'fixing' this but there's a whole bunch of nasty that's not
> going to go away.
> I've since forgotten most of the details, but aside from logbuf problems
> there's a whole host of issues with the console drivers themselves as well.
> If you really want to do this, use early_printk.

Hi Peter:

The patch 0b5e1c5255e("printk: Release console_sem after logbuf_lock" )
is as below:

console_locked = 0;
- up(&console_sem);
+ wake = 1;
retval = 0;
printk_cpu = UINT_MAX;
+ if (wake)
+ up(&console_sem);
return retval;

the patch 07354eb1a74d1("locking, printk: Annotate logbuf_lock as raw ")
is as below:

printk_cpu = UINT_MAX;
- spin_unlock(&logbuf_lock);
if (wake)
+ raw_spin_unlock(&logbuf_lock);
return retval;

Note that the purpose of patch 07354eb1a74d1 is to use raw_spin_unlock
instead of spin_unlock, it is not supposed to change any lock sequences.

What I do is to revert this change to 0b5e1c5255e, and it is nothing to do with
how people use printk. It is just to recover a merge mistake.
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