From: Alessandro Rubini
Date: Wed Feb 20 2013 - 02:42:52 EST

Hello Peter and maintainers.

I wonder what are the plans for the branch x86/amba, part of the tip
repository. Of the 7 patches in that branch, 2 are already upstream
and the other 5 rebase perfectly (only conflicts are in the header
stanzas). This is the reverse log from next to my current working tree:

0e7e31f DMA: PL330: use prefix in reg names to build under x86
1e8486a watchdog: sp805_wdt depends on ARM
6417077 mmc: Use the new <linux/sizes.h>
52b9f4e drivers/amba: add support for a PCI bridge
d8d2313 x86: add CONFIG_ARM_AMBA, selected by STA2X11

They all have the proper acked and signed-off, as well as references
to the original mailing list message by my mate Davide who submitted

Shall I just wait for you to merge or shall I repost to the mailing
lists? In the latte case, with or without the various ack/signoff?

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