Re: [patch v5 10/15] sched: packing transitory tasks in wake/execpower balancing

From: Alex Shi
Date: Wed Feb 20 2013 - 00:55:11 EST

On 02/18/2013 04:56 PM, Alex Shi wrote:
> On 02/18/2013 04:44 PM, Joonsoo Kim wrote:
>> Hello, Alex.
>> On Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 01:07:37PM +0800, Alex Shi wrote:
>>> If the waked/execed task is transitory enough, it will has a chance to be
>>> packed into a cpu which is busy but still has time to care it.
>>> For powersaving policy, only the history util < 25% task has chance to
>>> be packed, and for balance policy, only histroy util < 12.5% has chance.
>>> If there is no cpu eligible to handle it, will use a idlest cpu in
>>> leader group.
>> After exec(), task's behavior may be changed, and history util may be
>> changed, too. So, IMHO, exec balancing by history util is not good idea.
>> How do you think about it?
> sounds make sense. are there any objections?

New patch without exec balance packing: