Re: [PATCH 1/1] VSOCK: Introduce VM Sockets

From: Andy King
Date: Mon Feb 18 2013 - 12:07:35 EST

Hi Gerd,

> > + written = transport->stream_enqueue(
> > + vsk, msg->msg_iov,
> > + len - total_written);
> Hmm, shouldn't we pass total_written to stream_enqueue here?
> In case a blocking send(big-buffer) call gets splitted into multiple
> stream_enqueue calls the second (and further) stream_enqueue calls need
> to know at which msg offset they should continue sending the data, no?

On the client side, the iov tracks it internally; see memcpy_fromiovec().
On the socket side, VMCI uses a ring buffer, so it also knows its
position internally. Or did I misunderstand the question?

- Andy
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