Re: [PATCH v2 1/1] eventfd: implementation of EFD_MASK flag

From: Martin Sustrik
Date: Mon Feb 18 2013 - 03:54:38 EST

On 14/02/13 23:54, Andrew Morton wrote:

+/* On x86-64 keep the same binary layout as on i386. */
+#ifdef __x86_64__
+#define EVENTFD_MASK_PACKED __packed
+struct eventfd_mask {
+ __u32 events;
+ __u64 data;

The x86-64 specific thing is ugly. I can find no explanation of why it
was done, but it should go away. You could make `events' a u64, or
swap the order of the two fields and make the struct __packed on all

Given that the size of the types is fixed, I see no compat issues here.

I've just copied how the definition is done for epoll_event. The comment there goes like this:

* On x86-64 make the 64bit structure have the same alignment as the
* 32bit structure. This makes 32bit emulation easier.
* UML/x86_64 needs the same packing as x86_64

If you still think I should remove the #ifdef, I am happy to do so.

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