Re: [PATCH v2] ata: Fix DVD not dectected at some Haswell platforms

From: Youquan Song
Date: Sun Feb 17 2013 - 22:59:34 EST

> As to my understanding Sergei did not suggest citing the whole commit message.
> I also find the numerous references to Sandy Bridge confusing as this is a fix
> for Lynx Point chipset.
> How about rephrasing the commit message in a way similar to the following one?
> ------8<-----
> We've hit a problem with DVD not recognized on Haswell Desktop platform which
> includes Lynx Point 2-port SATA controller. This quirk patch disables 32bit
> PIO on the controller in IDE mode.
> ------>8-----
Thanks Libor!
I have updated the comments and sent out a v3 patch out to LKML.

> The line might be worth splitting as it's over 80 characters.
> Otherwise the patch looks OK to me.
Also change it in v3 patch.

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