Re: [RFC] Reproducible OOM with just a few sleeps

From: Simon Jeons
Date: Sun Feb 17 2013 - 04:11:31 EST

On 01/14/2013 11:00 PM, Dave Hansen wrote:
On 01/11/2013 07:31 PM, paul.szabo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Seems that any i386 PAE machine will go OOM just by running a few
processes. To reproduce:
sh -c 'n=0; while [ $n -lt 19999 ]; do sleep 600 & ((n=n+1)); done'
My machine has 64GB RAM. With previous OOM episodes, it seemed that
running (booting) it with mem=32G might avoid OOM; but an OOM was
obtained just the same, and also with lower memory:
Memory sleeps to OOM free shows total
(mem=64G) 5300 64447796
mem=32G 10200 31155512
mem=16G 13400 14509364
mem=8G 14200 6186296
mem=6G 15200 4105532
mem=4G 16400 2041364
The machine does not run out of highmem, nor does it use any swap.
I think what you're seeing here is that, as the amount of total memory
increases, the amount of lowmem available _decreases_ due to inflation
of mem_map[] (and a few other more minor things). The number of sleeps

So if he config sparse memory, the issue can be solved I think.

you can do is bound by the number of processes, as you noticed from
ulimit. Creating processes that don't use much memory eats a relatively
large amount of low memory.

This is a sad (and counterintuitive) fact: more RAM actually *CREATES*
RAM bottlenecks on 32-bit systems.

On my large machine, 'free' fails to show about 2GB memory, e.g. with
mem=16G it shows:

root@zeno:~# free -l
total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 14509364 435440 14073924 0 4068 111328
Low: 769044 120232 648812
High: 13740320 315208 13425112
-/+ buffers/cache: 320044 14189320
Swap: 134217724 0 134217724
You probably have a memory hole. mem=16G means "give me all the memory
below the physical address at 16GB". It does *NOT* mean, "give me
enough memory such that 'free' will show ~16G available." If you have a
1.5GB hole below 16GB, and you do mem=16G, you'll end up with ~14.5GB

The e820 map (during early boot in dmesg) or /proc/iomem will let you
locate your memory holes.

Dear Dave, two questions here:

1) e820 map is read from BIOS, correct? So if all kinds of ranges dump from /proc/iomem are setup by BIOS?
2) only "System RAM" range dump from /proc/iomem can be treated as real memory, all other ranges can be treated as holes, correct?

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