[ANNOUNCE] Git v1.8.1

From: Junio C Hamano
Date: Mon Dec 31 2012 - 19:26:14 EST

The latest feature release Git v1.8.1 is now available at the
usual places.

The release tarballs are found at:


and their SHA-1 checksums are:

ac8dced9c3232c0ec6a88d04600a4d0eaf2ba4e3 git-1.8.1.tar.gz
a256fc56c89dc3c8d58b81a2c02dc89299f1f29b git-htmldocs-1.8.1.tar.gz
a9ab9de3fa1781bb5009f5a215374dfc694feb30 git-manpages-1.8.1.tar.gz

Also the following public repositories all have a copy of the v1.8.1
tag and the master branch that the tag points at:

url = git://repo.or.cz/alt-git.git
url = https://code.google.com/p/git-core/
url = git://git.sourceforge.jp/gitroot/git-core/git.git
url = git://git-core.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/git-core/git-core
url = https://github.com/gitster/git

Git v1.8.1 Release Notes

Backward compatibility notes

In the next major release (not *this* one), we will change the
behavior of the "git push" command.

When "git push [$there]" does not say what to push, we have used the
traditional "matching" semantics so far (all your branches were sent
to the remote as long as there already are branches of the same name
over there). We will use the "simple" semantics that pushes the
current branch to the branch with the same name, only when the current
branch is set to integrate with that remote branch. There is a user
preference configuration variable "push.default" to change this, and
"git push" will warn about the upcoming change until you set this
variable in this release.

"git branch --set-upstream" is deprecated and may be removed in a
relatively distant future. "git branch [-u|--set-upstream-to]" has
been introduced with a saner order of arguments to replace it.

Updates since v1.8.0

UI, Workflows & Features

* Command-line completion scripts for tcsh and zsh have been added.

* "git-prompt" scriptlet (in contrib/completion) can be told to paint
pieces of the hints in the prompt string in colors.

* Some documentation pages that used to ship only in the plain text
format are now formatted in HTML as well.

* We used to have a workaround for a bug in ancient "less" that
causes it to exit without any output when the terminal is resized.
The bug has been fixed in "less" version 406 (June 2007), and the
workaround has been removed in this release.

* When "git checkout" checks out a branch, it tells the user how far
behind (or ahead) the new branch is relative to the remote tracking
branch it builds upon. The message now also advises how to sync
them up by pushing or pulling. This can be disabled with the
advice.statusHints configuration variable.

* "git config --get" used to diagnose presence of multiple
definitions of the same variable in the same configuration file as
an error, but it now applies the "last one wins" rule used by the
internal configuration logic. Strictly speaking, this may be an
API regression but it is expected that nobody will notice it in

* A new configuration variable "diff.context" can be used to
give the default number of context lines in the patch output, to
override the hardcoded default of 3 lines.

* "git format-patch" learned the "--notes=<ref>" option to give
notes for the commit after the three-dash lines in its output.

* "git log -p -S<string>" now looks for the <string> after applying
the textconv filter (if defined); earlier it inspected the contents
of the blobs without filtering.

* "git log --grep=<pcre>" learned to honor the "grep.patterntype"
configuration set to "perl".

* "git replace -d <object>" now interprets <object> as an extended
SHA-1 (e.g. HEAD~4 is allowed), instead of only accepting full hex
object name.

* "git rm $submodule" used to punt on removing a submodule working
tree to avoid losing the repository embedded in it. Because
recent git uses a mechanism to separate the submodule repository
from the submodule working tree, "git rm" learned to detect this
case and removes the submodule working tree when it is safe to do so.

* "git send-email" used to prompt for the sender address, even when
the committer identity is well specified (e.g. via user.name and
user.email configuration variables). The command no longer gives
this prompt when not necessary.

* "git send-email" did not allow non-address garbage strings to
appear after addresses on Cc: lines in the patch files (and when
told to pick them up to find more recipients), e.g.

Cc: Stable Kernel <stable@xxxxx> # for v3.2 and up

The command now strips " # for v3.2 and up" part before adding the
remainder of this line to the list of recipients.

* "git submodule add" learned to add a new submodule at the same
path as the path where an unrelated submodule was bound to in an
existing revision via the "--name" option.

* "git submodule sync" learned the "--recursive" option.

* "diff.submodule" configuration variable can be used to give custom
default value to the "git diff --submodule" option.

* "git symbolic-ref" learned the "-d $symref" option to delete the
named symbolic ref, which is more intuitive way to spell it than
"update-ref -d --no-deref $symref".

Foreign Interface

* "git cvsimport" can be told to record timezones (other than GMT)
per-author via its author info file.

* The remote helper interface to interact with subversion
repositories (one of the GSoC 2012 projects) has been merged.

* A new remote-helper interface for Mercurial has been added to

* The documentation for git(1) was pointing at a page at an external
site for the list of authors that no longer existed. The link has
been updated to point at an alternative site.

Performance, Internal Implementation, etc.

* Compilation on Cygwin with newer header files are supported now.

* A couple of low-level implementation updates on MinGW.

* The logic to generate the initial advertisement from "upload-pack"
(i.e. what is invoked by "git fetch" on the other side of the
connection) to list what refs are available in the repository has
been optimized.

* The logic to find set of attributes that match a given path has
been optimized.

* Use preloadindex in "git diff-index" and "git update-index", which
has a nice speedup on systems with slow stat calls (and even on

Also contains minor documentation updates and code clean-ups.

Fixes since v1.8.0

Unless otherwise noted, all the fixes since v1.8.0 in the maintenance
track are contained in this release (see release notes to them for

* The configuration parser had an unnecessary hardcoded limit on
variable names that was not checked consistently.

* The "say" function in the test scaffolding incorrectly allowed
"echo" to interpret "\a" as if it were a C-string asking for a
BEL output.

* "git mergetool" feeds /dev/null as a common ancestor when dealing
with an add/add conflict, but p4merge backend cannot handle
it. Work it around by passing a temporary empty file.

* "git log -F -E --grep='<ere>'" failed to use the given <ere>
pattern as extended regular expression, and instead looked for the
string literally.

* "git grep -e pattern <tree>" asked the attribute system to read
"<tree>:.gitattributes" file in the working tree, which was

* A symbolic ref refs/heads/SYM was not correctly removed with "git
branch -d SYM"; the command removed the ref pointed by SYM

* Update "remote tracking branch" in the documentation to
"remote-tracking branch".

* "git pull --rebase" run while the HEAD is detached tried to find
the upstream branch of the detached HEAD (which by definition
does not exist) and emitted unnecessary error messages.

* The refs/replace hierarchy was not mentioned in the
repository-layout docs.

* Various rfc2047 quoting issues around a non-ASCII name on the
From: line in the output from format-patch have been corrected.

* Sometimes curl_multi_timeout() function suggested a wrong timeout
value when there is no file descriptor to wait on and the http
transport ended up sleeping for minutes in select(2) system call.
A workaround has been added for this.

* For a fetch refspec (or the result of applying wildcard on one),
we always want the RHS to map to something inside "refs/"
hierarchy, but the logic to check it was not exactly right.
(merge 5c08c1f jc/maint-fetch-tighten-refname-check later to maint).

* "git diff -G<pattern>" did not honor textconv filter when looking
for changes.

* Some HTTP servers ask for auth only during the actual packing phase
(not in ls-remote phase); this is not really a recommended
configuration, but the clients used to fail to authenticate with
such servers.
(merge 2e736fd jk/maint-http-half-auth-fetch later to maint).

* "git p4" used to try expanding malformed "$keyword$" that spans
across multiple lines.

* Syntax highlighting in "gitweb" was not quite working.

* RSS feed from "gitweb" had a xss hole in its title output.

* "git config --path $key" segfaulted on "[section] key" (a boolean
"true" spelled without "=", not "[section] key = true").

* "git checkout -b foo" while on an unborn branch did not say
"Switched to a new branch 'foo'" like other cases.

* Various codepaths have workaround for a common misconfiguration to
spell "UTF-8" as "utf8", but it was not used uniformly. Most
notably, mailinfo (which is used by "git am") lacked this support.

* We failed to mention a file without any content change but whose
permission bit was modified, or (worse yet) a new file without any
content in the "git diff --stat" output.

* When "--stat-count" hides a diffstat for binary contents, the total
number of added and removed lines at the bottom was computed

* When "--stat-count" hides a diffstat for unmerged paths, the total
number of affected files at the bottom of the "diff --stat" output
was computed incorrectly.

* "diff --shortstat" miscounted the total number of affected files
when there were unmerged paths.

* "update-ref -d --deref SYM" to delete a ref through a symbolic ref
that points to it did not remove it correctly.


Changes since v1.8.1-rc3 are as follows:

Junio C Hamano (3):
git(1): show link to contributor summary page
Git 1.8.1

Max Horn (1):
git-remote-helpers.txt: document invocation before input format

Ramkumar Ramachandra (1):
Documentation: move diff.wordRegex from config.txt to diff-config.txt

Sebastian Leske (4):
git-svn: Document branches with at-sign(@).
git-svn: Recommend use of structure options.
git-svn: Expand documentation for --follow-parent
git-svn: Note about tags.

Simon Oosthoek (1):
make __git_ps1 accept a third parameter in pcmode

Thomas Ackermann (1):
Sort howto documents in howto-index.txt

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