Linux 3.8-rc1

From: Linus Torvalds
Date: Fri Dec 21 2012 - 21:01:24 EST

The longest night of the year is upon us (*), and what better thing to
do than get yourself some nice mulled wine, sit back, relax, and play
with the most recent rc kernel?

This has been a big merge window: we've got more commits than any
other kernel in the v3.x kernel series (although v3.2-rc1 was *almost*
as big). It's been a rather busy merge window, in other words.

The diffstat looks normal: about 63% of the patch being to drivers
(staging, networking, scsi, gpu, sound, drbd etc) , 18% architecture
updates (with various ARM platform things being the bulk of it as
usual, sigh), and the rest being "various", like core networking,
filesystems (new f2fs flash-optimized filesystem) and include files

I'm appending the "merge shortlog" which is about the only half-way
readable automated data I can give you. There's a *ton* of stuff here.
Go out and test it,


(*) And by "us" I mean mainly people in the same timezone and
hemisphere as I am. Because I'm too self-centered to care about
anybody else.


Alasdair G Kergon
- dm update

Alex Williamson
- vfio update

Al Viro
- big execve/kernel_thread/fork unification series
- signal handling cleanups
- VFS update

Andrew Morton
- misc patches
- misc updates
- misc VM changes
- patches

Anton Vorontsov
- battery subsystem updates
- battery update, part 2
- pstore update

Arnd Bergmann
- asm-generic cleanup

Artem Bityutskiy
- UBI update

Benjamin Herrenschmidt
- powerpc update

Ben Myers
- xfs update

Bjorn Helgaas
- PCI update

Boaz Harrosh
- exofs changes

Bob Liu
- blackfin update

Borislav Petkov
- EDAC fixes

Bruce Fields
- nfsd update

Bryan Wu
- LED subsystem update

Catalin Marinas
- ARM64 updates

Chris Ball
- MMC updates

Chris Mason
- btrfs update
- two btrfs reverts

Chris Metcalf
- tile updates

Chris Zankel
- Xtensa patchset

Dave Airlie
- drm bugfix
- DRM updates

David Howells
- MN10300 changes
- UAPI disintegration for Alpha
- UAPI disintegration for H8/300, M32R and Score
- x86 UAPI disintegration

David Miller
- networking changes
- networking fixes
- networking fixes
- sparc fixes
- tiny sparc update

David Teigland
- dlm updates

David Woodhouse
- MTD updates
- preparatory gcc intrisics bswap patch

Dmitry Torokhov
- second round of input updates

Eric Biederman
- user namespace changes
- (again) user namespace infrastructure changes

Eric Paris
- filesystem notification updates

Geert Uytterhoeven
- m68k updates

Grant Likely
- another devicetree update
- device tree changes
- devicetree, gpio and spi bugfixes
- GPIO updates
- irqdomain changes
- SPI updates

Greg Kroah-Hartman
- Char/Misc driver merge
- driver core updates
- EXTCON patches
- staging driver tree merge
- TTY/Serial merge
- USB patches

Greg Ungerer
- m68knommu updates

Guenter Roeck
- hwmon fixlet
- hwmon updates

Herbert Xu
- crypto update

Ian Kent
- emailed autofs cleanup/fix patches

Ingo Molnar
- core timer changes
- irq fixes
- "Nuke 386-DX/SX support"
- perf fixes
- perf updates
- RCU update
- scheduler updates
- trivial fix branches
- x86 asm changes
- x86 boot changes
- x86 BSP hotplug changes
- x86 cleanups
- x86 RAS update
- x86 timer update
- x86 topology discovery improvements

Jaegeuk Kim
- new F2FS filesystem

James Bottomley
- first round of SCSI updates

James Morris
- security subsystem updates

Jan Kara
- ext3, udf, quota fixes

Jean Delvare
- hwmon subsystem update
- i2c update

Jeff Garzik
- libata updates

Jens Axboe
- block driver update
- block layer core updates

Jesper Nilsson
- CRIS changes

Jiri Kosina
- HID subsystem updates
- trivial branch

Joerg Roedel
- IOMMU updates

Jonas Bonn
- OpenRISC update

Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk
- swiotlb update
- Xen bugfixes
- Xen updates

Len Brown
- powertool update

Linus Walleij
- pinctrl changes

Marcelo Tosatti
- KVM updates

Marek Szyprowski
- CMA and DMA-mapping update

Mark Brown
- regmap updates
- regulator updates

Martin Schwidefsky
- s390 update
- s390 update #2

Mauro Carvalho Chehab
- media updates

Mel Gorman
- Automatic NUMA Balancing bare-bones

Michal Marek
- kbuild changes
- kbuild misc changes

Michal Simek
- microblaze update

Mike Turquette
- clock framework changes

Neil Brown
- md update

Nicholas Bellinger
- target updates

Olof Johansson
- ARM SoC board updates
- ARM SoC board updates, take 2
- ARM SoC cleanups on various subarchitectures
- ARM SoC device tree conversions and enablement
- ARM SoC device-tree updates, take 2,
- ARM SoC driver specific changes
- ARM SoC fixes
- ARM SoC fixes part 2
- ARM SoC Header cleanups
- ARM SoC multiplatform conversion patches
- ARM SoC Non-critical bug fixes
- ARM SoC power management and clock changes
- ARM SoC updates
- ARM SoC updates for Marvell mvebu/kirkwood
- ARM Soc updates, take 2,

Pekka Enberg
- SLAB changes

Peter Anvin
- one final 386 removal patch
- small x86 fixes
- x86 ACPI update
- x86 EFI update

Rafael Wysocki
- ACPI and power management updates

Ralf Baechle
- MIPS updates

Roland Dreier
- infiniband upate
- more infiniband changes

Russell King
- ARM fixes
- ARM OMAP serial updates
- ARM updates

Rusty Russell
- module update
- virtio update

Sage Weil
- Ceph update

Samuel Ortiz
- MFS update

Stefan Richter
- IEEE 1394 (FireWire) subsystem updates

Steve French
- CIFS fixes
- CIFS fixes

Steven Rostedt
- ktest update
- minor tracing updates and fixes

Steven Whitehouse
- GFS2 updates

Sumit Semwal
- dma-buf updates

Takashi Iwai
- sound fixes
- sound updates

Ted Ts'o
- ext4 update
- random updates

Tejun Heo
- cgroup changes
- percpu changes
- workqueue changes

Thierry Reding
- pwm changes

Tomi Valkeinen
- fbdev changes

Tony Luck
- ACPI5 error injection fix
- ia64 fix
- pstore fixes

Trond Myklebust
- NFS client updates

Wim Van Sebroeck
- watchdog updates

Wolfram Sang
- i2c-embedded changes

Zhang Rui
- thermal management update
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