Re: [RFC v2 6/8] gpu: drm: tegra: Remove redundant host1x

From: Terje BergstrÃm
Date: Thu Dec 20 2012 - 13:01:44 EST

On 20.12.2012 19:55, Stephen Warren wrote:
> So it's fine for the tegradrm driver to manipulate the tegradrm
> (virtual) device's drvdata pointer.
> It's not fine for tegradrm to manipulate the drvdata pointer of other
> devices; the host1x children. The drvdata pointer for other devices is
> reserved for those devices' driver's use only.

They're all tegradrm drivers, so tegradrm can manipulate its drvdata.
The other simple way is global pointer. Let's aim now for a simple
solution, and if later we find out it causes problems, let's fix it then.

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