Re: [GIT PULL v2] ARM: arm-soc fixes for 3.8

From: Russell King - ARM Linux
Date: Thu Dec 20 2012 - 12:56:50 EST

On Thu, Dec 20, 2012 at 08:38:14AM -0800, Olof Johansson wrote:
> One of the sunxi patches from the last pull request was misapplied (I
> realized what happened -- git am -s didn't apply cleanly so I had done it
> through regular patch, thus not catching the renames properly). Here's
> a fresh version of the pull request with a couple more OMAP and Samsung
> patches included.
> There's a chance that a couple of the OMAP patches will also go in through
> Russell, since my connectivity has been crap so far this trip and it
> causes build breaks for the platform. It's a branch pull from Tony,
> it should be a no-op either way.


Not sure what's going on, but my recent pull from arm-soc for-next still
hasn't solved the OMAP build failures in my kbuild - I'm still getting:

arch/arm/mach-omap2/timer.c: In function 'omap_get_timer_dt':
arch/arm/mach-omap2/timer.c:178:3: error: implicit declaration of function 'prom_add_property'
arch/arm/mach-omap2/i2c.c: In function 'omap_pm_set_max_mpu_wakeup_lat_compat':
arch/arm/mach-omap2/i2c.c:130:2: error: implicit declaration of function 'omap_pm_set_max_mpu_wakeup_lat'

This is the top commit I have from you:

commit aad05c3602ba5c42ff8d0e572b2f614f25779ede
Merge: eccf4b3 f64d204
Author: Olof Johansson <olof@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon Dec 17 18:44:26 2012 -0800

Merge branch 'late/omap-cleanup' into for-next

By Tony Lindgren (3) and others
via Tony Lindgren
* late/omap-cleanup:
arch/arm/mach-omap2/dpll3xxx.c: drop if around WARN_ON
OMAP2: Fix a typo - replace regist with register.
ARM/omap: use module_platform_driver macro
ARM: OMAP2+: PMU: Remove unused header
ARM: OMAP4: remove duplicated include from omap_hwmod_44xx_data.c
ARM: OMAP2+: omap2plus_defconfig: enable twl4030 SoC audio
ARM: OMAP2+: omap2plus_defconfig: Add tps65217 support
ARM: OMAP2+: enable devtmpfs and devtmpfs automount
ARM: OMAP2+: Drop plat/cpu.h for omap2plus
ARM: OMAP: Split fb.c to remove last remaining cpu_is_omap usage
MAINTAINERS: Add an entry for omap related .dts files

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