Re: Why Linux kernel forced to enter X2APIC mode( just because ofbooting cpu has supported x2apic) without depending on BIOS' setting inMSR->x2apic enablement bit ?

From: Yinghai Lu
Date: Wed Dec 19 2012 - 11:03:18 EST

On Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 2:13 AM, Zhang, Lin-Bao (Linux Kernel R&D)
<linbao.zhang@xxxxxx> wrote:
>> > b) If BIOS feel the system doesn't meet x2apic conditions , it will not set
>> x2apic enablement bit in MSR ,and pass control to OS with xapic mode.
>> kernel will check if cpuid support x2apic, if it supports x2apic, it will check if
>> DMAR/intr-remapping could be enabled, if so kernel will switch to x2apic.
>> otherwise it will stay with xapic.
>> So you need to make cpuid show does not support x2apic --- check with intel
>> they have way to do that.
> My concerns is BIOS creates different ACPI tables in xAPIC mode and X2APIC mode.
> BIOS will auto detect if the system meets x2APIC condition , if no , it will not create right ACPI tables for this mode and don't set MSR bit.
> For this case (BIOS didn't set MSR , but BSP supports x2apic ) , I want to know
> 1, For Linux kernel, which ACPI tables will be used for x2apic and XAPIC ?

two MADT?

why two?

according to Intel, if your apic id < 255, even cpu is in x2apic state
already, you only have xapic entry in MADT.

> 2, why Linux kernel will set x2apic enablement bit in CPU msr ? generally speaking , BIOS set it and OS get it.
> If OS get it , who will read it ? BIOS ? I consult BIOS designer , he said , their BIOS calling service(just like UEFI run time service)
> will also judge MSR again , so I don't know why Linux kernel will set MSR bit , unless OS has special target .

because os does not trust BIOS.

BIOS ONLY SHOULD only do thing it should do:
1. initialize memory.
2. assign some resource to pci devices bar
3. provide memory mem-map to bootloader and os.

If it don't want OS to use x2apic, disable that in CPUID.

>> or you can pass "nox2apic" in boot command line.
> Yeah, I think this would be fine if we really want to use xAPIC mode instead of x2apic mode.
> But I am puzzled why Linux kernel will force to enter x2apic just depends on BSP has supported x2apic ?
> "BSP supports x2apic" condition is enough for judging if OS can enable x2apic ?

if system support x2apic, os will try use x2apic at first, unless BIOS
mess it up.
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