Re: FYI, nouveau nv17 stopped working in 3.7

From: rh
Date: Tue Dec 18 2012 - 14:50:22 EST

On Thu, 13 Dec 2012 14:02:29 -0800
rh <richard_hubbe11@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> During boot, at the point when some graphics stuff happens, I lose the
> screen. Graphics looks to be stuck somewhere. The system boots but
> just can't see anything. No console.
> It's all fine in 3.6.7. Nothing jumped out from the boot log.
> It may be that in my haste configuring the kernel with make oldconfig
> I hit enter on one of the cases where new features default to "y".

Seems to be a regression, the symptoms described here apply to what
I see (...or don't see).

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