RE: 3.6.10: Intel: ixgbe 0000:01:00.0 eth4: Detected Tx Unit Hang

From: Justin Piszcz
Date: Mon Dec 17 2012 - 16:06:24 EST

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Ccing netdev
On Sat, Dec 15, 2012 at 10:49 AM, Justin Piszcz <jpiszcz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Hello,
> Kernel 3.6.10, first time I have seen this that I can remember (on 10GbE)
> anyway, is this a known issue with 3.6.10?
> When the link went down is when I rebooted/etc the remote host attached on
> the other end.
> I've not changed anything physically with the hardware and have been on
> 3.6.0-3.6.9 and noticed this when I moved to 3.6.10.


> I don't believe we have seen Tx hangs in validation. If you could narrow
down the conditions that lead to the Tx hang that would help a lot. Also
> the output of ethtool -S eth4 after the Tx hang occurs can be useful to
get an idea of the load on the interface.

> Thanks,
> Emil


In this case I only have two servers that mount each other's NFS volumes and
that were idle at the time, I rebooted one of the systems and that is when I
saw this, if I can get something to repeat/pattern and/or the ethtool output
I will update this thread, thank you.


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