Re: -mm git tree for since-3.7 is open (was: mmotm 2012-12-14-17-51uploaded)

From: Michal Hocko
Date: Mon Dec 17 2012 - 09:45:54 EST

Ohh, and I forgot the CC Fengguang for his build testing (since-3.6
branch is closed and it doesn't need testing anymore).

On Mon 17-12-12 15:43:00, Michal Hocko wrote:
> Hi,
> I have just pushed a new since-3.7 branch to the -mm git tree
> (git:// which is tagged as
> mmotm-2012-12-14-17-51.
> This branch contains all -mm related patches on top of v3.7 Linus tree.
> The following branches have been merged into the tree:
> - for-3.8 -git://
> - slab/next - git://
> - balancenuma-v11 - git://
> If there are any other that are needed for -mm, just let me know. If
> there are any branches which will continue in development and they have
> conflicts potential (e.g. cgroup with memcg work or slab with kmem
> accounting) then let me know and I will set up them for periodic merging
> (which expects that those branches are pre merge window like in the
> past).
> The shortlog says:
> Andi Kleen (2):
> mm: support more pagesizes for MAP_HUGETLB/SHM_HUGETLB
> selftests: add a test program for variable huge page sizes in mmap/shmget
> Andrea Arcangeli (5):
> mm: numa: define _PAGE_NUMA
> mm: numa: pte_numa() and pmd_numa()
> mm: numa: Support NUMA hinting page faults from gup/gup_fast
> mm: numa: split_huge_page: transfer the NUMA type from the pmd to the pte
> mm: numa: Structures for Migrate On Fault per NUMA migration rate limiting
> Andrew Morton (11):
> arch/sparc/kernel/sys_sparc_64.c: s/COLOUR/COLOR/
> mm: add a reminder comment for __GFP_BITS_SHIFT
> memory-hotplug-document-and-enable-config_movable_node-fix
> slab-slub-struct-memcg_params-fix
> slub-slub-specific-propagation-changes-fix
> mm/mprotect.c: coding-style cleanups
> mm-hugetlb-create-hugetlb-cgroup-file-in-hugetlb_init-fix
> mm-hugetlb-create-hugetlb-cgroup-file-in-hugetlb_init-fix-2
> drop_caches-add-some-documentation-and-info-messsge-checkpatch-fixes
> swap-add-a-simple-detector-for-inappropriate-swapin-readahead-fix
> memcg-debugging-facility-to-access-dangling-memcgs-fix
> Arnd Bergmann (1):
> mm/slob: use min_t() to compare ARCH_SLAB_MINALIGN
> Bob Liu (4):
> thp: clean up __collapse_huge_page_isolate
> mm: introduce mm_find_pmd()
> thp: introduce hugepage_vma_check()
> thp: cleanup: introduce mk_huge_pmd()
> Cesar Eduardo Barros (2):
> mm: refactor reinsert of swap_info in sys_swapoff()
> mm: do not call frontswap_init() during swapoff
> Christoph Lameter (6):
> slub: Use correct cpu_slab on dead cpu
> slab: Simplify bootstrap
> mm, sl[au]b: create common functions for boot slab creation
> slub: Use statically allocated kmem_cache boot structure for bootstrap
> slab: Use the new create_boot_cache function to simplify bootstrap
> mm/sl[aou]b: Common alignment code
> David Rientjes (9):
> mm, memcg: make mem_cgroup_out_of_memory() static
> mm, oom: allow exiting threads to have access to memory reserves
> mm, mempolicy: remove duplicate code
> mm, oom: change type of oom_score_adj to short
> mm, oom: fix race when specifying a thread as the oom origin
> mm, memcg: avoid unnecessary function call when memcg is disabled
> mm, oom: cleanup pagefault oom handler
> mm, oom: remove redundant sleep in pagefault oom handler
> mm, oom: remove statically defined arch functions of same name
> Davidlohr Bueso (1):
> Documentation: ABI: /sys/devices/system/node/
> Dominik Dingel (1):
> mm/memory.c: remove unused code from do_wp_page()
> Ezequiel Garcia (4):
> mm/slob: Drop usage of page->private for storing page-sized allocations
> mm/slob: Use object_size field in kmem_cache_size()
> mm/sl[aou]b: Move common kmem_cache_size() to slab.h
> mm/slob: Use free_page instead of put_page for page-size kmalloc allocations
> Gao feng (3):
> cgroup: use cgroup_addrm_files() in cgroup_clear_directory()
> cgroup: remove subsystem files when remounting cgroup
> cgroup_rm_file: don't delete the uncreated files
> Glauber Costa (41):
> mm/sl[au]b: Move slabinfo processing to slab_common.c
> mm/sl[au]b: Move print_slabinfo_header to slab_common.c
> sl[au]b: Process slabinfo_show in common code
> slub: Commonize slab_cache field in struct page
> slab: Ignore internal flags in cache creation
> cgroup: warn about broken hierarchies only after css_online
> memcg: change defines to an enum
> memcg: kmem accounting basic infrastructure
> mm: add a __GFP_KMEMCG flag
> memcg: kmem controller infrastructure
> memcg: replace __always_inline with plain inline
> mm: allocate kernel pages to the right memcg
> res_counter: return amount of charges after res_counter_uncharge()
> memcg: kmem accounting lifecycle management
> memcg: use static branches when code not in use
> memcg: allow a memcg with kmem charges to be destructed
> memcg: execute the whole memcg freeing in free_worker()
> fork: protect architectures where THREAD_SIZE >= PAGE_SIZE against fork bombs
> memcg: add documentation about the kmem controller
> slab/slub: struct memcg_params
> slab: annotate on-slab caches nodelist locks
> slab/slub: consider a memcg parameter in kmem_create_cache
> memcg: allocate memory for memcg caches whenever a new memcg appears
> memcg: simplify ida initialization
> memcg: infrastructure to match an allocation to the right cache
> memcg: skip memcg kmem allocations in specified code regions
> memcg: remove test for current->mm in memcg_stop/resume_kmem_account
> sl[au]b: always get the cache from its page in kmem_cache_free()
> sl[au]b: allocate objects from memcg cache
> memcg: destroy memcg caches
> move include of workqueue.h to top of slab.h file
> memcg/sl[au]b: track all the memcg children of a kmem_cache
> memcg/sl[au]b: shrink dead caches
> memcg: get rid of once-per-second cache shrinking for dead memcgs
> memcg: aggregate memcg cache values in slabinfo
> slab: propagate tunable values
> slub: slub-specific propagation changes
> kmem: add slab-specific documentation about the kmem controller
> memcg: add comments clarifying aspects of cache attribute propagation
> slub: drop mutex before deleting sysfs entry
> memcg: debugging facility to access dangling memcgs
> Greg Thelen (3):
> cgroup: fix lockdep warning for event_control
> cgroup: list_del_init() on removed events
> res_counter: delete res_counter_write()
> Hillf Danton (2):
> mm: numa: split_huge_page: Transfer last_nid on tail page
> mm: numa: migrate: Set last_nid on newly allocated page
> Hugh Dickins (2):
> tmpfs: support SEEK_DATA and SEEK_HOLE (reprise)
> mm: fix kernel BUG at huge_memory.c:1474!
> Ingo Molnar (3):
> mm: Optimize the TLB flush of sys_mprotect() and change_protection() users
> mm/rmap: Convert the struct anon_vma::mutex to an rwsem
> mm/rmap, migration: Make rmap_walk_anon() and try_to_unmap_anon() more scalable
> Jan Kara (1):
> mm: add comment on storage key dirty bit semantics
> Jeff Liu (2):
> Documentation/cgroups/memory.txt: s/mem_cgroup_charge/mem_cgroup_change_common/
> mm/vmscan.c: try_to_freeze() returns boolean
> Jiang Liu (2):
> mm: introduce new field "managed_pages" to struct zone
> mm: provide more accurate estimation of pages occupied by memmap
> Jianguo Wu (1):
> mm/hugetlb: create hugetlb cgroup file in hugetlb_init
> Joonsoo Kim (10):
> slub: remove one code path and reduce lock contention in __slab_free()
> mm, highmem: use PKMAP_NR() to calculate an index of pkmap
> mm, highmem: remove useless pool_lock
> mm, highmem: remove page_address_pool list
> mm, highmem: get virtual address of the page using PKMAP_ADDR()
> avr32, kconfig: remove HAVE_ARCH_BOOTMEM
> bootmem: fix wrong call parameter for free_bootmem()
> bootmem: remove not implemented function call, bootmem_arch_preferred_node()
> bootmem: remove alloc_arch_preferred_bootmem()
> mm: WARN_ON_ONCE if f_op->mmap() change vma's start address
> Kirill A. Shutemov (16):
> thp: huge zero page: basic preparation
> thp: zap_huge_pmd(): zap huge zero pmd
> thp: copy_huge_pmd(): copy huge zero page
> thp: do_huge_pmd_wp_page(): handle huge zero page
> thp: change_huge_pmd(): make sure we don't try to make a page writable
> thp: change split_huge_page_pmd() interface
> thp: implement splitting pmd for huge zero page
> thp: setup huge zero page on non-write page fault
> thp: lazy huge zero page allocation
> thp: implement refcounting for huge zero page
> thp, vmstat: implement HZP_ALLOC and HZP_ALLOC_FAILED events
> thp: introduce sysfs knob to disable huge zero page
> thp: avoid race on multiple parallel page faults to the same page
> asm-generic, mm: pgtable: consolidate zero page helpers
> Lai Jiangshan (22):
> memory_hotplug: fix possible incorrect node_states[N_NORMAL_MEMORY]
> slub, hotplug: ignore unrelated node's hot-adding and hot-removing
> drivers/base/node.c: cleanup node_state_attr[]
> mm, memory-hotplug: dynamic configure movable memory and portion memory
> memory_hotplug: handle empty zone when online_movable/online_kernel
> memory_hotplug: ensure every online node has NORMAL memory
> mm: node_states: introduce N_MEMORY
> cpuset: use N_MEMORY instead N_HIGH_MEMORY
> procfs: use N_MEMORY instead N_HIGH_MEMORY
> memcontrol: use N_MEMORY instead N_HIGH_MEMORY
> oom: use N_MEMORY instead N_HIGH_MEMORY
> mm,migrate: use N_MEMORY instead N_HIGH_MEMORY
> mempolicy: use N_MEMORY instead N_HIGH_MEMORY
> hugetlb: use N_MEMORY instead N_HIGH_MEMORY
> vmstat: use N_MEMORY instead N_HIGH_MEMORY
> kthread: use N_MEMORY instead N_HIGH_MEMORY
> init: use N_MEMORY instead N_HIGH_MEMORY
> vmscan: use N_MEMORY instead N_HIGH_MEMORY
> page_alloc: use N_MEMORY instead N_HIGH_MEMORY change the node_states initialization
> hotplug: update nodemasks management
> numa: add CONFIG_MOVABLE_NODE for movable-dedicated node
> memory_hotplug: allow online/offline memory to result movable node
> Lee Schermerhorn (3):
> mm: mempolicy: Add MPOL_NOOP
> mm: mempolicy: Check for misplaced page
> mm: mempolicy: Add MPOL_MF_LAZY
> Li Zhong (1):
> cgroup: move list add after list head initilization
> Lin Feng (1):
> mm/bootmem.c: remove unused wrapper function reserve_bootmem_generic()
> Marek Szyprowski (4):
> mm: cma: skip watermarks check for already isolated blocks in split_free_page()
> mm: cma: remove watermark hacks
> mm: use migrate_prep() instead of migrate_prep_local()
> mm: cma: WARN if freed memory is still in use
> Matthieu CASTET (1):
> dmapool: make DMAPOOL_DEBUG detect corruption of free marker
> Mel Gorman (26):
> mm: Check if PTE is already allocated during page fault
> mm: compaction: Move migration fail/success stats to migrate.c
> mm: migrate: Add a tracepoint for migrate_pages
> mm: compaction: Add scanned and isolated counters for compaction
> mm: numa: Create basic numa page hinting infrastructure
> mm: migrate: Drop the misplaced pages reference count if the target node is full
> mm: mempolicy: Use _PAGE_NUMA to migrate pages
> mm: mempolicy: Implement change_prot_numa() in terms of change_protection()
> mm: mempolicy: Hide MPOL_NOOP and MPOL_MF_LAZY from userspace for now
> sched, numa, mm: Count WS scanning against present PTEs, not virtual memory ranges
> mm: numa: Add pte updates, hinting and migration stats
> mm: numa: Migrate on reference policy
> mm: numa: Migrate pages handled during a pmd_numa hinting fault
> mm: numa: Rate limit the amount of memory that is migrated between nodes
> mm: numa: Rate limit setting of pte_numa if node is saturated
> sched: numa: Slowly increase the scanning period as NUMA faults are handled
> mm: numa: Introduce last_nid to the page frame
> mm: numa: Use a two-stage filter to restrict pages being migrated for unlikely task<->node relationships
> mm: sched: Adapt the scanning rate if a NUMA hinting fault does not migrate
> mm: sched: numa: Control enabling and disabling of NUMA balancing
> mm: sched: numa: Control enabling and disabling of NUMA balancing if !SCHED_DEBUG
> mm: sched: numa: Delay PTE scanning until a task is scheduled on a new node
> mm: numa: Add THP migration for the NUMA working set scanning fault case.
> mm: numa: Add THP migration for the NUMA working set scanning fault case build fix
> mm: numa: Account for failed allocations and isolations as migration failures
> mm: migrate: Account a transhuge page properly when rate limiting
> Michal Hocko (10):
> memcg: split mem_cgroup_force_empty into reclaiming and reparenting parts
> memcg: root_cgroup cannot reach mem_cgroup_move_parent
> memcg: Simplify mem_cgroup_force_empty_list error handling
> memcg: make mem_cgroup_reparent_charges non failing
> hugetlb: do not fail in hugetlb_cgroup_pre_destroy
> memcg: do not check for mm in __mem_cgroup_count_vm_event
> Merge remote-tracking branch 'tj-cgroups/for-3.8' into mmotm
> Merge remote-tracking branch 'pekka/slab/next' into mmotm
> Merge tag 'balancenuma-v11' from git:// into mmotm
> drop_caches: add some documentation and info message
> Michel Lespinasse (15):
> mm: augment vma rbtree with rb_subtree_gap
> mm: check rb_subtree_gap correctness
> mm: vm_unmapped_area() lookup function
> mm: use vm_unmapped_area() on x86_64 architecture
> mm: fix cache coloring on x86_64 architecture
> mm: use vm_unmapped_area() in hugetlbfs
> mm: use vm_unmapped_area() in hugetlbfs on i386 architecture
> mm: use vm_unmapped_area() on mips architecture
> mm: use vm_unmapped_area() on arm architecture
> mm: use vm_unmapped_area() on sh architecture
> mm: use vm_unmapped_area() on sparc32 architecture
> mm: use vm_unmapped_area() in hugetlbfs on tile architecture
> mm: use vm_unmapped_area() on sparc64 architecture
> mm: use vm_unmapped_area() in hugetlbfs on sparc64 architecture
> mm: protect against concurrent vma expansion
> Mike Yoknis (1):
> mm: memmap_init_zone() performance improvement
> Namjae Jeon (2):
> cgroup: update Documentation/cgroups/00-INDEX
> writeback: remove nr_pages_dirtied arg from balance_dirty_pages_ratelimited_nr()
> Naoya Horiguchi (5):
> mm: hwpoison: fix action_result() to print out dirty/clean
> hwpoison, hugetlbfs: fix "bad pmd" warning in unmapping hwpoisoned hugepage
> hwpoison, hugetlbfs: fix RSS-counter warning
> mm/hugetlb.c: fix warning on freeing hwpoisoned hugepage
> mm: print out information of file affected by memory error
> Oleg Nesterov (1):
> freezer: change ptrace_stop/do_signal_stop to use freezable_schedule()
> Pekka Enberg (1):
> Merge branch 'slab/procfs' into slab/next
> Peter Zijlstra (6):
> mm: Count the number of pages affected in change_protection()
> mm: mempolicy: Make MPOL_LOCAL a real policy
> mm: migrate: Introduce migrate_misplaced_page()
> mm: numa: Add fault driven placement and migration
> mm: sched: numa: Implement constant, per task Working Set Sampling (WSS) rate
> mm: sched: numa: Implement slow start for working set sampling
> Petr Holasek (1):
> KSM: numa awareness sysfs knob
> Rabin Vincent (1):
> mm: show migration types in show_mem
> Rafael Aquini (7):
> mm: adjust address_space_operations.migratepage() return code
> mm: redefine address_space.assoc_mapping
> mm: introduce a common interface for balloon pages mobility
> mm: introduce compaction and migration for ballooned pages
> virtio_balloon: introduce migration primitives to balloon pages
> mm: introduce putback_movable_pages()
> mm: add vm event counters for balloon pages compaction
> Randy Dunlap (1):
> mm: fix slab.c kernel-doc warnings
> Rik van Riel (7):
> x86: mm: only do a local tlb flush in ptep_set_access_flags()
> x86: mm: drop TLB flush from ptep_set_access_flags
> mm,generic: only flush the local TLB in ptep_set_access_flags
> x86/mm: Introduce pte_accessible()
> mm: Only flush the TLB when clearing an accessible pte
> mm,vmscan: only evict file pages when we have plenty
> mm: rearrange vm_area_struct for fewer cache misses
> Shaohua Li (1):
> swap: add a simple detector for inappropriate swapin readahead
> Suleiman Souhlal (2):
> memcg: make it possible to use the stock for more than one page
> memcg: reclaim when more than one page needed
> Tang Chen (2):
> mm/memory_hotplug.c: update start_pfn in zone and pg_data when spanned_pages == 0.
> memory-hotplug: document and enable CONFIG_MOVABLE_NODE
> Tao Ma (2):
> cgroup: set 'start' with the right value in cgroup_path.
> cgroup: remove obsolete guarantee from cgroup_task_migrate.
> Tejun Heo (51):
> cgroup: cgroup_subsys->fork() should be called after the task is added to css_set
> freezer: add missing mb's to freezer_count() and freezer_should_skip()
> cgroup_freezer: make it official that writes to freezer.state don't fail
> cgroup_freezer: don't stall transition to FROZEN for PF_NOFREEZE or PF_FREEZER_SKIP tasks
> cgroup_freezer: allow moving tasks in and out of a frozen cgroup
> cgroup_freezer: prepare update_if_frozen() for locking change
> cgroup_freezer: don't use cgroup_lock_live_group()
> cgroup: kill cgroup_subsys->__DEPRECATED_clear_css_refs
> cgroup: kill CSS_REMOVED
> cgroup: use cgroup_lock_live_group(parent) in cgroup_create()
> cgroup: deactivate CSS's and mark cgroup dead before invoking ->pre_destroy()
> cgroup: remove CGRP_WAIT_ON_RMDIR, cgroup_exclude_rmdir() and cgroup_release_and_wakeup_rmdir()
> cgroup: make ->pre_destroy() return void
> Merge branch 'cgroup-rmdir-updates' into cgroup/for-3.8
> Merge branch 'cgroup/for-3.7-fixes' into cgroup/for-3.8
> device_cgroup: add lockdep asserts
> cgroup: add cgroup_subsys->post_create()
> cgroup: use rculist ops for cgroup->children
> cgroup: implement generic child / descendant walk macros
> cgroup_freezer: trivial cleanups
> cgroup_freezer: prepare freezer_change_state() for full hierarchy support
> cgroup_freezer: make freezer->state mask of flags
> cgroup_freezer: introduce CGROUP_FREEZING_[SELF|PARENT]
> cgroup_freezer: add ->post_create() and ->pre_destroy() and track online state
> cgroup_freezer: implement proper hierarchy support
> cgroup: remove incorrect dget/dput() pair in cgroup_create_dir()
> cgroup: initialize cgrp->allcg_node in init_cgroup_housekeeping()
> cgroup: open-code cgroup_create_dir()
> cgroup: create directory before linking while creating a new cgroup
> cgroup: cgroup->dentry isn't a RCU pointer
> cgroup: make CSS_* flags bit masks instead of bit positions
> cgroup: trivial cleanup for cgroup_init/load_subsys()
> cgroup: lock cgroup_mutex in cgroup_init_subsys()
> cgroup: fix harmless bugs in cgroup_load_subsys() fail path and cgroup_unload_subsys()
> cgroup: separate out cgroup_destroy_locked()
> cgroup: introduce CSS_ONLINE flag and on/offline_css() helpers
> cgroup: simplify cgroup_load_subsys() failure path
> cgroup: use mutex_trylock() when grabbing i_mutex of a new cgroup directory
> cgroup: update cgroup_create() failure path
> cgroup: allow ->post_create() to fail
> cgroup: rename ->create/post_create/pre_destroy/destroy() to ->css_alloc/online/offline/free()
> cgroup, cpuset: remove cgroup_subsys->post_clone()
> cgroup: add cgroup->id
> netcls_cgroup: move config inheritance to ->css_online() and remove .broken_hierarchy marking
> netprio_cgroup: simplify write_priomap()
> netprio_cgroup: shorten variable names in extend_netdev_table()
> netprio_cgroup: reimplement priomap expansion
> netprio_cgroup: use cgroup->id instead of cgroup_netprio_state->prioidx
> netprio_cgroup: implement netprio[_set]_prio() helpers
> netprio_cgroup: allow nesting and inherit config on cgroup creation
> Thierry Reding (1):
> mm: compaction: Fix compiler warning
> Wanpeng Li (1):
> mm/memblock: reduce overhead in binary search
> Wen Congyang (7):
> memory-hotplug: skip HWPoisoned page when offlining pages
> memory-hotplug: update mce_bad_pages when removing the memory
> memory-hotplug: auto offline page_cgroup when onlining memory block failed
> memory-hotplug: fix NR_FREE_PAGES mismatch
> numa: convert static memory to dynamically allocated memory for per node device
> memory-hotplug, mm/sparse.c: clear the memory to store struct page
> memory-hotplug: allocate zone's pcp before onlining pages
> Will Deacon (1):
> mm: thp: set the accessed flag for old pages on access fault
> Xi Wang (2):
> drivers/usb/gadget/amd5536udc.c: avoid calling dma_pool_create() with NULL dev
> mm/dmapool.c: fix null dev in dma_pool_create()
> Yan Hong (3):
> writeback: fix a typo in comment
> fs/buffer.c: do not inline exported function
> fs/buffer.c: remove redundant initialization in alloc_page_buffers()
> Yasuaki Ishimatsu (3):
> memory hotplug: suppress "Device memoryX does not have a release() function" warning
> memory-hotplug: suppress "Device nodeX does not have a release() function" warning
> mm: cleanup register_node()
> --
> Michal Hocko
> SUSE Labs
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