Verify Seek Complete

From: Marcos Souza
Date: Fri Sep 14 2012 - 12:34:02 EST

Hi media guys,

I'm trying to test a radio driver that is not in the mainline(yet),
and for it I'm making an application for the radio(because threre is
not radio app for that device).

Ad I have a doubt about the v4l2 seek: In the v4l2 framework, the
driver should wait for the seek complete, or the framework don't want
the driver do it?
Or the app layer needs to handle this?

Thanks since now!


Marcos Paulo de Souza
Acadêmico de Ciencia da Computação - FURB - SC
"Uma vida sem desafios é uma vida sem razão"
"A life without challenges, is a non reason life"
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